Arts Champions Project Premieres at Hippodrome

On Friday 19th June at the Hippodrome Cinema Bo’ness the World Premiere Screening took place of ‘The Way We See It’; a series of short films created by young people looked after and accommodated by Falkirk Council taking part in the Arts Champions Project.

Arts Champions is a collaboration between Falkirk Community Trust Arts, Falkirk Council Social Services and Library Support for Schools funded through the Big Lottery Young Start Programme. 

The films were extremely well received with feedback such as ‘powerful and moving pieces of work’, ‘inspirational’, ‘hugely inspiring and moving, really quality pieces of work’.  We are delighted to be able to share these films with you as they deserve to be seen and celebrated.


Simple Stop Frame Animation and voiceover bringing a character to life.

'The Panopticon'

The young people travelled to Glasgow to the Britannia Panopticon in Glasgow, the world’s oldest surviving Music Hall.  Working with a documentary film maker they interviewed Director Judith Bowers, creating questions, using the camera and taking film and stills of the building and its contents.   They then edited the piece adding animation and music sequences.  Find out more about the Panopticon at:

'The Story of Nadine'

Stop Frame animation was used to create this story.  Participants drew the characters and created a storyline then painstakingly made tiny movements link together to create the final film.  Narration was added as a final touch.

'Keyboard Gangster'

The issue of bullying by text and social media is explored in this piece.  Participants worked with a song writer to create the lyrics around the theme, then a musician worked with them to create the melody and record the piece.   Filmed images were edited together to create a simple but striking visual accompaniment.

'This Dark Lonely Road'

Bangour Village Hospital was a psychiatric hospital located west of Dechmont in West Lothian, Scotland.  Closed in 2004 it now lies derelict and this piece explores the stigma around mental health.  Participants travelled to the site and worked with a photographer capturing the essence of the place on camera.  These digital images were then edited and sequenced together creating a montage.  A poem was then created by writing down words or feelings that the place emoted then structuring into statements.  The poem was then performed and recorded by the young writer who also worked with a musician to create a haunting soundscape. 

'Ocean Waves'

This beautiful piece was written and recorded by one of the participants working alongside a professional songwriter and musician.  The music speaks for itself and a simple yet hypnotic film was shot to accompany it.

'Darcy’s Story'

Beautiful pencil etchings were used to create this story of an adults reflection on a childhood in care.  Darcy looks back on her own childhood and looks forward to the positive future she has created for her own child.  Very little dialogue or music was required for this piece as it was felt it would take away from the powerful  simplicity of the drawings.

Many thanks to Lead Artist Alan McKeown who led this project for year one and we are very excited to be discussing the possibilities for year 2 .

Published on Tuesday, 7th July 2015


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