#30mins30days Day 12

Welcome to #30mins30days in September! Every day we will suggest an activity which you can do right here in Falkirk to get you active, whether mentally or physically. Please let  us know what activities you are trying by joining in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #30mins30days. We look forward to seeing which activities prove popular and to see who is trying something new! 

Sometimes motivating yourself to go to the gym can be hard, especially if you are going on your own. As the nights draw in it might be easier to head straight home and put your feet up, so why not try a new way of motivating yourself by taking up a sport?

We have “come and try” sessions available at Grangemouth Sports Complex, but our sports centres also feature facilities for badminton, short tennis, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, hockey and football.

Committing to meeting a friend to play a sport means it goes on the calendar or in the diary and you might find it easier to stick to it, even when you feel like heading straight home from work or having a long lie at the weekends. And you’ll feel better for doing it! 

Published on Saturday, 12th September 2015

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