#30mins30days Day 16

Welcome to #30mins30days in September! Every day we will suggest an activity which you can do right here in Falkirk to get you active, whether mentally or physically. Please let  us know what activities you are trying by joining in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #30mins30days. We look forward to seeing which activities prove popular and to see who is trying something new! 

DAY 16: Dancing

Dance is one of the activities we can choose for improving our fitness and health. Dance can also provide a good way of introducing people to other forms of physical activity.

Dance is for everyone

Anyone can enjoy dancing regardless of their age or background, if they are disabled or non-disabled, whether or not they have danced before, and whatever their shape and size.  Dance can be done as part of a group or practised alone and can happen in a variety of places – including social, education, community, arts and health settings.  At its simplest, dance involves moving rhythmically to music. Anyone can do this with benefits to their physical health.

The broad appeal of dance is easy to demonstrate:

• Dance is the fastest growing of all the  art forms
• Each year, nearly five million people take part in dance activity in their communities
• In a recent Physical Education School and School Club Links (PESSCL) survey, dance was shown to be second only to football  as the most popular activity. Dance also showed the largest increase in the number of school club links created
• A survey of over 50,000 Year 9 pupils in over 700 schools in the North West of England showed that dance was the top activity for girls outside school and that demand for dance was greater than the opportunities available. 

The benefits of dance

Dancing can bring a wide range of physical and mental benefits:

• healthier heart and lungs
• stronger muscles
• stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis
• better coordination, agility and flexibility
• improved balance and enhanced spatial awareness
• increased physical confidence
• improved mental functioning 
• increased energy expenditure can help counteract unwanted weight gain

The creative and collaborative nature of dance can bring further benefits:

• improved general and psychological well-being
• greater self-confidence and self-esteem
• increased trust
• better social skills
• reduced social isolation and exclusion

There are a number of ways you can get involved in dance in your area, and we have many options for all ages. For example, FTH hosts an afternoon ballroom dance on Wednesdays at 2pm. Or for children we have our pre school+ Mini Moves classes.  Parents and carers of babies and toddlers can check out our Baby Bees and Ballet Bees classes and dance together!  For adults FTH also kicks off another season of Belly Dancing classes for beginners in early 2016 which could be the perfect time to start a new hobby!

Have a look at our dance listings to get a flavour of the many dance opportunities available from the Trust and our partner organisations. 

Published on Wednesday, 16th September 2015

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