#30mins30days Day 20

Welcome to #30mins30days in September! Every day we will suggest an activity which you can do right here in Falkirk to get you active, whether mentally or physically. Please let  us know what activities you are trying by joining in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #30mins30days. We look forward to seeing which activities prove popular and to see who is trying something new! 

Day 20: Go to a family show

A night at the theatre is a great night out, but there is a lot to be said for making a theatre trip a family experience. There are many great opportunities to take your children or grandchildren to the theatre for a day out with a difference.

The theatre is highly beneficial for growing minds. In a nutshell, it can boost literacy and vocabulary, encourage communication, imagination and curiosity, and lengthen the attention span. Through theatre we are transported into the hearts and minds of the characters, recognising and understanding their actions and feelings which encourages communication and learning empathy – all within a constructed, safe environment. Plus, it’s great fun.

With dance there is even more room for interpretation because of the physical storytelling. As well as elegance and strength, we can utilise analytical thinking, inspire innovation and incite energy. Dance in the theatre can be powerful, hilarious, bold, engaging, surprising.

Not only is theatre developmental, but it’s also a great way to spend time actively engaging with your child in an age where we are often distracted by phones and tablets.

We have a growing programme of theatre for children and families, both at Callendar House and FTH.

Tomorrow sees the second in the series of Toddling O’Clock at Callendar House, a delightful sensory workshop with, drama, music and play for early years.

Next Saturday (26 September) we welcome Funbox to FTH, and in October we will learn How the Koala Learnt to Hug

Published on Friday, 18th September 2015

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