Falkirk Primary School League goes NBA!

Basketball is big in Falkirk – we have known that for some time, with Fury Basketball producing countless Internationals and their teams winning over 20 national titles. Falkirk Secondary Schools are now at the forefront of schools basketball with several regularly competing for Scottish titles – Falkirk High School alone taking 12 in the past 8 years. Now, Falkirk Primary schools are about to get in on the act with the most innovative Primary School League set-up in Scotland. 

So what's different in season 15 -16 ?

Primary School matches are now progressing from what at times have been small and congested primary school halls to centralized high school venues where they will be officiated and tabled by senior high school pupils who have attended Basketball-Scotland official courses. St Mungo's, Grangemouth and Denny High Schools will be conference hosts where 6/7 teams will compete for two hours across three courts, six times per year. This initiative has seen a massive 36 level 1 table officials, 36 level 1 referees and 12 level 2 table officials being trained across the area, all benefiting from mentoring from Basketball Scotland’s regional FIBA qualified referee, Simas Baranauskas.

Talent ID from Fury Basketball will ensure the stars of the future are given pathway opportunities either at the club or within Falkirk Community Trust’s current basketball program. Fury Head Coach John Bunyan, who has been involved in taking the League to new levels with Kirsty Humphries of Falkirk Community Trust is excited that the new set-up will give an even bigger opportunity and pathway for the sport. He told Heraldsport – “This is a unique League set-up in Scotland and has a huge number of partners from the players, parents and schools themselves to sponsors, Basketball Scotland and the Trust. The three conferences, based on the NBA style of competition, is set within a positive basketball environment at the high schools and provides a really true competition situation. The work done by the high schools, teachers and pupils involved in the running of the games is key. The league will give high schools great players coming into their own programs in first year and that is an excellent situation for our sport. Don’t forget everyone of our club players who have gone to be in GB, Scotland teams, play pro or get scholarships abroad started in this very situation – playing at primary then high school. Of course, it's not just about the very best players, it's about all who take part – whether playing, organising or officiating, as our sport teaches great individual and team traits but discipline and being part of a high scoring fun game.”

Keep up-to date on results and progress with the new look primary schools league via Facebook at Falkirk schools basketball. 

Published on Friday, 4th December 2015

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