Arts Plan 2016-21 consultation

In November 2015, the Board of Falkirk Community Trust approved a draft Arts Delivery Plan. The Plan proposes a shared vision for the Arts across the Falkirk Council area. It recognises the creative achievements to date; the different sectors that deliver and promote arts activity as well as the diverse communities that make up the Falkirk area. However, it also acknowledges the challenging times that we are in. The Plan seeks to address a trend of declining resources by proposing a more robust approach to working together in a way that connects people, ideas and resources across the arts sectors.

The consultation is an opportunity for all to get involved and contribute to the shaping of the future direction of the Arts in the area. We are keen to hear from those not currently involved in arts activity as well as those participants, audiences, arts groups, clubs and organisation and practitioners that currently make up the areas creative community.

The consultation process will close on Wednesday 27 April 2016.

Copies of the Arts Delivery Plan 2016-21 Consultative Draft are available to view here

We have a number of questions that we are keen for consultees to consider:

           1) Our analysis of the current situation.

Do you agree? 
Is there anything missing?

2) We have identified the key issues facing the arts in Falkirk as whole but also, the specific issues that the different arts sectors (public, voluntary, third and independent) face.


Have we understood your sector’s issues?
Are there some issues that you think we should prioritise above others?

            3)  We have proposed a shared vision and mission for the arts in the Falkirk area.

Is this a vision that motivates you?
Does the mission accurately describe how best to achieve the vision?
Do you agree with the five propositions that we have built the shared vision and mission on?

           4) The objectives that we have identified.

Are they an appropriate and effective response to the key issues?
Do you agree with our suggestions around who needs to be involved in achieving the objectives?

5) We have proposed that establishment of an Arts Network is key to achieving a vibrant and sustainable arts offer in the area.

Do you agree with this?
Do you have any views on the practicalities around making this happen?

6) We have proposed throughout the Plan that the next five years is based on a collective, shared approach to arts provision across the area under the leadership of the Trust.

             Do you agree with this?

            7) We would also be interested to hear you views on:

How important are the arts and how might we collectively measure impact?
Are there enough dedicated arts venues in the Falkirk area?
What, as an area, should we being doing to protect existing levels of funding/ investment?

You can complete the survey online here. 

Published on Monday, 14th March 2016

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