Sports Development Recreational Gymnastics Competition 2016

On Sunday 26th June 2016 Grangemouth Complex hosted the 7th annual recreational floor and vault competition. Over 210 gymnasts took part representing sports development classes, Tryst Gymnastics Club and Grangemouth Community Gymnastics club.

Gymnasts had been learning skills throughout the year as part of the Scottish gymnastics award scheme. Routines were set to compliment the relevant skills taught at each age group.  Gymnasts competed in teams of 3-5 with the top 3 scores going forward for each team’s total. Participants were split into relevant age groups with the P1-P3 category split into 2 pools due to the number of gymnasts.

A massive thank you goes to the judges who gave up their time to assist in the running of the competition. Thanks too, to our team of gymnastics coaches within Falkirk Community Trust’s Sports Development team who provided invaluable assistance and support.  Finally, a big thanks to Grangemouth Sports Complex for hosting the event.


P1-P3 Competition Pool 1

1st           Tryst Tigers

2nd          Grangemouth Eclipse – Tryst Trailblazers

3rd           Grangemouth CGC Lunar

Overall best score:          Victoria Weir (Tryst Trailblazers)

P1-P3 Competition Pool 2

1st           Grangemouth High 2

2nd          Bo’ness Bobby Dazzlers

3rd           St Margarets A

Overall best score:          Marnie Dickson (Grangemouth High 2)

P4-P5 Competition

1st           Tryst Titans

2nd          Bo’ness Balance

3rd           Tryst Tumblers

Overall best score:          Lexi Corbett (Tryst Titans) Kayleigh Brown (Bo’ness Balance)

P6-P7 Competition

1st           Grangemouth CGC Commets

2nd          Grangemouth Galaxy

3rd           Tryst tumblers

Over all best score:         Shannon Phillips (Grangemouth Galaxy)

S1-S6 competition

1st           All start team

2nd          Grangemouth CGC flare

3rd           Thing 1

Overall best score:          Lauren Manson (Grangemouth CGC Flare)

Published on Tuesday, 5th July 2016


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