Active Schools September Volunteer of the Month

Stacy and Elise Sim

Sisters Stacey and Elise Sim.

The girls volunteer as football coaches at Carmuirs Primary School and have impressed with their enthusiasm and commitment over the past 4 years. Active Schools Coordinator Innes Paterson said, “Active Schools couldn’t do what we do without dedicated volunteers like Stacey and Elise and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank both of them for all their hard work. The school was recently awarded a sportscotland silver School Sport Award and the girls coaching made a significant contribution towards this achievement.”

Getting to Know our Volunteers

Question 1 – Age?

38 | 38

Question 2 – Occupation?

Police officer | full time mum

Question 3 – Favourite Sport/Activity?

We both enjoy cardio workouts. We both do 'Shaun T workouts' which are home DVDs and attend the gym. 

Question 4 – How long have you been volunteering with Active Schools?

4 years (August 2012 - present)

Question 5 – How did you get involved with Active Schools?

When Zac started school an Active Schools Coordinator came to do a presentation at school and asked for volunteers, we thought it was a great opportunity to get involved and get the kids fit.

Question  6 – What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

We both enjoy being able to give the kids an opportunity that they might not get with other groups as they can cost money. We enjoy being able to give the kids a chance to become part of a club and get fit. We have coached football for the past two years with the same kids so have seen their confidence grow, their skills develop and friendships made. It's great being a part of all this. 

Question 7 – How has being a volunteer with Active Schools benefitted you?

We get a chance to see the kids take pride in what they are doing. Being able to provide that for them is satisfactory. 

Question 8 – Describe your most memorable moment from your time as a volunteer with Active Schools?

Winning three games out of four at one of the football festivals. Seeing the kids jump for joy and full of pride made all the training worthwhile. Hearing them speaking about it for weeks later in the playground and still buzzing from it was amazing

Question 9 – What would you like to be doing in 5 years’ time?

Having festivals once every quarter and friendly home games once every month at the mariner centre with a different school attending each time 

Question 10 - What advice would you give to anyone thinking about becoming a volunteer?

We would advise people that it only takes one hour a week of your time which is hardly anything. You have to put in work but what you get back is brilliant, the kids have a great opportunity and love it. 

Question 11 – If you could try one sport that you’ve never done before what would it be?

Basketball or dancing 

Question 12 - If you were left on a desert island and could take with you a luxury item, a book, and a piece of music.  What would they be and why?

Luxury item - phone

Book - Guinness Book of Records 

Piece of music - I'm a Survivor 

Published on Tuesday, 27th September 2016


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