A Trip to the Moon... A Trip to Bo'ness

Eric Lange, one of the creative team at Lobster Films behind the restoration of George Meliés' pioneering 1902 space epic presented the film and a documentary about its restoration in the restored Hippodrome Cinema in Bo'ness. The event was part of the cinema's centenary celebrations. In Lee Howell's stunning photograph Meliés' moon has been superimposed on the celestial ceiling of the Hippodrome.

Lange attended packed screenings in Dundee, Bo'ness and Edinburgh, explaining the intricate techniques of dealing with brittle nitrate stock (thought to have been lost to posterity) and transferring it digitally frame by frame to enable a new and faithful colour copy to be made.

A DVD of the programme including the restored version of A Trip to the Moon and the documentary The Extraordinary Voyage has just been released by Park Circus.

The Hippodrome evening was hosted by Alison Strauss, Arts Development Officer (Film and Media) at Falkirk Community Trust and funded by Regional Screen Scotland.

The restoration was made possible thanks to the support of the Fondation Groupama Gan and the Fondation Technicolor.
Against the celestial ceiling backdrop of the Hippodrome, Bo'ness - Eric Lange, one of the team who helped to restore George Meliés' 1902 masterpiece A Trip to the Moon.
The original restored colour film with music by the contemporary French group Air, was presented as part of the 20th anniversary of the French Film Festival UK, accompanied by the documentary The Extraordinary Voyage.
The screening was supported by Regional Screen Scotland.

Photographer credit: Lee Howell

Published on Monday, 3rd December 2012


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