Changes to Swimming Programme - Grangemouth Sports Complex

Our aspiration is to ensure every child in Falkirk has access to the essential life skill of being able to swim and I am sure you would agree with this our aim.

You may remember that we previously reviewed our use of the Grangemouth Sports Complex pool and introduced lanes, swimming lesson areas and casual swimming areas, all of which have been in operation for some time now. However, this compromise arrangement has not been as successful as we would have wished as everyone’s needs are different. In this respect your customer experience has not been as good as it should, or could have been and we wish to improve upon this.

To better meet the needs of the variety of customer groups and improve your swimming experience, we believe that we need to fundamentally re-programme our pool.  For example, many adults wish to swim lengths as part of their general health and fitness routine. Many families attend and generally play with their children in the pool. Swimming lessons are in great demand and these are provided but understandably they need particular areas of the pool. It has proved difficult to provide all these customer groups with the experience they want when all in the pool at the same time. So we wish to try and allocate specific times to specific groups, where the particular needs of the groups can be better met.

From the 17 April we now intend to programme our Grangemouth Sports Complex pools with the following time allocation for different customer groups:

  • Adult lane swimming Mon 6pm-9.40pm/Wed 8pm-9.40pm/Fri 6pm-9.40pm (1 lane)
  • Family swimming (teaching pool) available Mon 6pm-9.40pm/Wed 6pm-9.40pm/Thurs 7pm-8pm/Fri 6pm-9.40pm
  • Flumes available 6pm-9pm Mon/Wed/Fri, Thu 6pm-6.45pm and 7pm-8pm.
  • Thursday fun gala 6pm-6.45pm

The pool is unavailable to the public:

  • Tuesday 6pm-10pm (swimming club only)
  • Thursday 8pm-10pm (Triathlon club)

We are aware that many customers attend at their usual times as part of their daily routine and that the new times shown above may well impact on this when some customers will no longer be able to access the pool when they wish. We understand this, but we are choosing to think differently about the current issues which are proving unsatisfactory to all of our customers at this time. We therefore seek your support in reconsidering the time you wish to attend the pool, but in the knowledge that your swimming session, for whatever your purpose will become a much better experience.

Please speak to our reception team for more information or check details online at where you will be able to see what times our many other swimming pools are available to you if you are unable to change your current swim times at Grangemouth.

Published on Tuesday, 21st March 2017

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