Active Schools Volunteers of the Month - March

Name: Cameron Fleming

Cameron Fleming

Cameron volunteers with the S1 football team at Denny High School, coaches at Bonnybridge Primary School, takes a lunchtime Dodgeball Club and is one of the lead coaches at Denny High’s Tuesday night Sports Academy. He is also a referee in the Falkirk Primary schools basketball league as well as working as a Sports Ambassador at Denny High to promote and encourage others to take part. 

Active Schools Coordinator Keith Bunyan said, "Cameron is a great asset to the Denny Cluster, he is highly motivated and incredibly enthusiastic about sport, he always finds the time to deliver and promote sport to both primary and secondary pupils. He is a fantastic role model for both volunteers and participants alike."

Cameron's Profile

Age: 16

Occupation: Student 

Favourite sport / activity: Football

How long have you been a volunteer with Active Schools? 2 Years

How did you get involved with Active Schools?

Through the Sports Ambassador programme at Denny High School.

What do you enjoy most about Volunteering?

Getting the chance to meet new people and watch them develop.

How has being a volunteer with Active Schools benefited you?

It has made me more confident and also let me further myself as a coach.

Describe your most memorable moment from your time as a volunteer with Active Schools?

Getting to 2 cup finals this season with the S1 football team.

What would you like to be doing in 5 years time?

As a PE teacher.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about becoming a volunteer?

Just get involved in as much as you can, have fun and be confident!

If you could try one sport that you've never done before what would it be?

Canoeing because it seems fun and I know I’d be useless at it to start with so it’s a new challenge.

If you were left on a desert island and could take with you a luxury item, a book, and a piece of music. What would they be and why?

A pedal boat, because they are loads of fun and I might make it home some day.

Published on Monday, 3rd April 2017

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