Active Schools Volunteers of the Month - May

Lewis Williamson

Lewis Morton started volunteering with Active Schools when he was a 1st year pupil. He worked with another basketball coach who was taking his old primary school team.

He really enjoyed that experience and has since volunteered at other basketball events and classes. He supports our holiday programmes and is always enthusiastic and as helpful as he can be. Currently he is also supporting the Falkirk wide disability sports clubs, where he is helping with a variety of different sports.

Active Schools Coordinator Lisa Male said, "Lewis is an excellent ambassador for his school and any club that he will volunteers with."

Lewis has also recently been selected for the U14 Scotland Basketball Squad.

Meet this month's Star Volunteer

Name: Lewis Morton

Age: 14

Occupation: School pupil

Favourite sport / activity: Basketball

How long have you been a volunteer with Active Schools? 2 years

How did you get involved with Active Schools?
I was introduced to a parent volunteer in 1st year and they encouraged me to get involved.

What do you enjoy most about Volunteering?
Helping children to learn new skills.

How has being a volunteer with Active Schools benefited you?
It has allowed me to improve my leadership skills.

Describe your most memorable moment from your time as a volunteer with Active Schools?
Helping out at a primary school sports day and remembering what it was like when I was that age.

What would you like to be doing in 5 years time?
I'd like to still be in education/further education.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about becoming a volunteer?
Just try it and see how it goes.

If you could try one sport that you've never done before what would it be? Cricket

If you were left on a desert island and could take with you a luxury item, a book, and a piece of music. What would they be and why?
Chocolate – who doesn't want chocolate? Romeo and Juliet – a book that I enjoyed in class and I can't think of a specific piece of music!

Published on Thursday, 25th May 2017

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