Fire in the Night

On the 6 July, twenty-five years ago, an oil rig explosion in the North Sea became the worst oil disaster in history.  The catastrophe killed 167 men and left only 61 survivors, each of whom had to fight for their lives to escape the huge, labyrinthine structure and the flames that were consuming it.

To mark this tragic 25th anniversary of the Piper Alpha disaster the Hippodrome Bo’ness is holding a special preview screening of a new documentary recounting the tragedy that occurred on the Piper Alpha rig – ‘Fire in the Night’ (cert 15), Sunday 23rd June 14:30.

Based on the excellent book of the same name by Stephen McGinty the film speaks to survivors and rescuers many of whom have never spoken on camera before.  The testimonies reveal how the disaster has shaped each of their lives and how they have attempted to deal with the physical and psychological damage inflicted on them on that terrible night on the rig which was, at one time, the world’s single largest oil producer

Alison Strauss, Arts Development Officer (Film and Media), Falkirk Community Trust said:

“The film is a skilful combination of archival footage and audio recordings with present-day filmed interviews, and makes for riveting and emotional viewing.  So many people were affected by the Piper Alpha disaster – on and around the rig of course, and the families and loved ones, but also those of us who remember watching the appalling events unfold on our TV screens.  This is an important film honoring and remembering those involved, and shedding light on one of Scotland’s darkest industrial days.”

Published on Friday, 14th June 2013


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