The Helix is coming!

The countdown is on.... Helix Day, Saturday 14th September 1pm - 6pm

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As you may know, land is being transforming between Falkirk and Grangemouth into a brand new beautiful outdoor space.  You might have even noticed the bustle of activity from busy construction workers around the new lagoon, or the Kelpie sculptures rising up into the skyline when in the area and from the M9.

Helix map

Well the Helix project, which will be operated by Falkirk Community Trust when complete, is coming along nicely and we want you to be the first to see the progress!

The Helix consists of four zones within 350 hectares of green space.  In the heart of this sits Helix Park which boasts a large lagoon, a great lawn, a splash play area and a network of new pathways - all designed around feedback from people living in the Helix communities.

 For more information, check out the dedicated Helix website.

Helix Day

We want you to see and explore your brand new park which will be the first section of the project to open up for public use, so mark the occasion with us on Helix Day, Saturday 14th September from 1pm - 6pm.


You’ll get a good view of the much talked about Kelpies, Andy Scott’s 30 metre high steel-plated sculptures of horse’s heads. These will be almost fully assembled by Helix Day, with only the finishing touches to be added. 

Although sections of the park won’t be in full bloom, and certain areas may be off limits, there will still be plenty to see and interesting things to do courtesy of our friends at UZ Arts to help make Helix Day one to remember.

UZ have commissioned a number of artists to work with local community groups to create a vibrant programme of events and activities especially for Helix day.  The team have been working for over a year now and everyone involved can’t wait to show you what they’ve been up to.

From artist Duncan Turner’s light snakes that slither in the trees (don’t worry, we are almost sure they don’t bite) to Sumit Sarkar’s robotic musical bird, Buzzbeak (if you play him your favourite tune, there is no stopping his moves) – we promise you a visual feast whilst we are waiting for the flowers to blossom.

You can help the flowerbeds on their way in the meantime – partake in some fun `seed bombing` with Darren Wilson, firing wild flower grenades from his chucker cannons (that technically makes you a Helix Park gardener for the CV right?), or watch Alex Rigg’s Wynden Tree sculpture take shape as it is built by artists and dancers throughout the afternoon.

This is just a small selection of what we have going on during Helix Day - we could talk all day about the other artist events, like the `unusual` street performers, the many eccentric light installations or the theatre inside a skip (yes, you heard right).

Or there’s the treasure hunt, the storytelling walkabout bees, the water activities on the lagoon or the children’s climbing wall – but why not come along to Helix Day on Saturday 14th September and find out for yourself?

There are even a few secret surprise activities planned for the day - but if we told you, then they wouldn’t be a surprise… 

Published on Tuesday, 30th July 2013


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