Belly Dancing anyone?

Sarah Pulman, teacher and member of the famous Tarab dance troupe will be teaching belly dancing classes at Falkirk Town Hall. Taking you through the techniques and presentation of the ancient art of belly dance, in a relaxed and friendly class for ladies of all ages, these classes are sure to help tone the tummy after Christmas. 

Belly dancing is great for weight loss but there are many other benefits, there are a few mentioned below:

  • Improves circulation
  • Reduces stress
  • Tones all major muscle group – legs, thighs, calves, gluteals, abdominals, upper arms and back
  • Can help prepare women for child birth by strengthening muscles groups and hips
  • Improves posture
  • Aids digestion - It's true! Exercising the abdominal area, not just by rolling the belly but also by swaying the torso, helps move food along the digestive system. Any form of exercise will have this effect to some degree but belly dancing is considered especially good for this purpose.

So, if you are looking to try something new, get a little more active or simply just looking for something fun to do then our belly dancing classes really could help. You can get more information and booking information here.

Have a look at Sarah Pulman in action: 


Published on Monday, 6th January 2014


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