Update on Kinneil Woods Work: April 2015

A big thank you to all the visitors to Kinneil who have been patient over the winter while forestry works have been taking place!

Large sections of the woodland had suffered during high winds over the years and many trees had blown over completely causing a hazard for recreational users and threatening the long term health of the woodland estate.

The felling work for 2014 is now complete and visitors will see the deer fencing which has been erected round the felled zones to protect the new trees which have been planted to replace those taken out. The new trees are of a wider range of species and have been planted further apart to reduce the risk of wind damaging the new compartments when they reach maturity.

Gates have been placed in the fencing at key points to allow you to access the newly planted areas, please ensure they are closed after you as this will stop deer getting in with the new trees and eating them.

The large machinery which was used to fell the older trees and extract them from the site churned up many of the paths, making them difficult for visitors to use. These are now in the process of being resurfaced and improvements to the drainage across the site should help keep these paths dry for most of the year and better for recreation. Please be aware of other users if you are bringing your dogs, bikes and horses to the site and help everyone enjoy watching the site as it develops.

Further phases of woodland work are planned and details of the full Long Term Forest Plan are available in PDF format on this website. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Kinneil Long Term Forest Plan is managed by the Central Scotland Green Network Trust and supported by the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative, Falkirk Environment Trust and Falkirk Council.

Published on Friday, 17th April 2015

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