Wealth of History Discovered at Kinneil Estate Church

2014 saw the completion of the Kinneil Estate Church conservation project, which aimed to safeguard the heritage of the site. The project was carried out as part of the Inner Forth Landscape Project thanks to a grant from Historic Scotland and a local group of volunteers, who worked alongside Falkirk's Archaeologist and Keeper of Local History, Geoff Bailey.

The building has seen a wealth of history over the centuries, as the Inner Forth Landscape website describes:

The building provides an unusual link between the distant past and the industrialisation of the Forth Valley in an evolving landscape.  It stands on the Roman Wall because of its cross country links; was a Dark Age foundation with contacts across the Forth in Culross; was rebuilt in the medieval period by a feudal landowner; has a fine collection of colliers' gravestones; was used as billets by Hanoverian cavalry; saved as a seamark for ships in the Forth, and as a Romantic ruin in a design landscape.  It lies on a major footpath network. " 

Some intriguing remnants of the past were also discovered during the project, including 13th/14th century grave markers and 17th century grave stones, many depicting hammers and picks - the trade emblems of masons and colliers - which were previously unrecorded.

A brochure outlining the history of the church has been published and is now on sale in the refurbished Kinneil Museum for £1.95.

Published on Monday, 18th May 2015

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