Making physical activity part of your life

Make physical activity a priority, carve out some time each week to be active and put it on your calendar. Make it part of your everyday life.

You don't have to change your life completely, just identify times in your current lifestyle where you could be more active. Try waking up half an hour earlier and walk to work or take an evening fitness class; or build physical activity into your routine chores - that way you do what you need to get done and move around too. Make family time physically active; plan a weekend walk through one of Falkirk's many parks, family cycling, or an evening walk around the block.

You know physical activity is good for you. So what is stopping you from getting out there and getting more active?

'I've no time, I'm far too busy'

Just a total of 30 minutes most days of the week could make a big difference to your health. That could be broken down into a 20 minute walk in the morning and 10 minutes of gardening in the evening. It doesn't have to be all in one go!

'I'm too tired, I need to relax'

Physical activity can actually help you relax by relieving stress and this in turn makes you feel good. It can also boost your energy and make you feel less tired.

'Physical activity is boring'

Try a variety of activities and choose ones that are good fun and sociable, at the end of the day you need to enjoy it, so find something that interests you and you can be active and have fun at the same time!

'I'm not the sporty type'

You don't have to be sporty! Activities such as walking, gardening, housework and dancing are all good for you. It all depends on the effort you put in! You need to make sure that you are out of breath and slightly sweating.

'No one to do it with'

Try asking a friend or find out about local clubs and classes where you will meet other likeminded people.

'I'm too old to start'

It's never too late to start. Physical activity can help you stay healthy, active, mobile and independent. Start by trying a brisk walk with a friend; vary your route to keep it interesting.

'I can't be physically active due to medical conditions'

If you are concerned about any medical conditions, your GP could refer you onto a scheme to have a structured programme made up for you that will take your conditions into account.

'I have no one to look after the kids'

Find activities that you could get the kids involved in too! It will encourage them to be physically active through out life if they are introduced to it from a young age. Why not try a walk after dinner, taking them to the local swimming pool, a day out to the local park, or how about cycling along the canal?

Physical activity can be part of your daily life, so beat those roadblocks, no more excuses, 'Lets Get Falkirk More Active'!

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