Gym services


Either telephone or visit in person. An induction is required before you can use the equipment at the club and will take around one hour to complete. It consists of an instructor showing a group of up to six people how to operate the equipment safely. There is an opportunity to try the machines after the induction with the instructor on hand.

You are shown the various exercises that can be carried out as well as detailing safety procedures when using the machinery. Once you have had an induction at one of the clubs you can use the three facilities but it is advisable that you book in for an accreditation at the other clubs as the equipment varies. Please note the different opening times for each club.


This can be done if a person can prove to us that he/she has been through a similar procedure at another facility. This usually takes 20 minutes depending on the level of knowledge and competency. There is also an opportunity to use the machines afterwards.

Exercise programmes

These have proved to be the most popular service available at our gyms.

This is an optional service available to all gym users during their gym membership. The programme involves an instructor taking the client’s blood pressure and engaging in a lifestyle consultation, for example, medical & exercise history, and goals and aims. Following this, the instructor then establishes a workout tailored to suit the goals and needs of the individual. They are taken through their workout from start to finish to ensure that it is suitable.

Depending on the individuals goals, the instructor will ensure a warm up/down, stretch, cardiovascular and/ or conditioning work are included in the programme. All details of the workout are transferred onto a plan that remains in the gym for future reference. Exercise programmes can be upgraded and altered at any time or as soon as the individual begins to feel their training becoming less demanding.

Fitness assessments

This gives a good general indication of your overall fitness level.

Actual values are recorded as evidence of current fitness levels rather that relying on perceptions of fitness. These actual values are compared to 'recommended' criteria. These results are then useful for further assessments and for tailoring exercise programmes.

The gym assessment takes 1 hour and includes the following tests:

  • lifestyle and medical questionnaire
  • blood pressure and resting pulse
  • height and weight
  • lung function
  • percentage of body fat
  • hip and lumbar flexibility
  • 12 minute bike test to measure aerobic capacity (V02 max)


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