The Antonine Wall

The wall was built on the orders of Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius soon after 142 AD and marked the northern frontier of the Empire until it was abandoned during the 160s. It runs from Bo'ness on the Forth to Old Kilpatrick on the Clyde, and its remains can be seen at several points in the Falkirk area: Kinneil Estate in Bo'ness, Callendar Park, Watling Lodge, Rough Castle and Seabegs Wood. The Trust's museums at Kinneil and Callendar House have displays about the Roman frontier, the latter incorporating a view of the Wall itself, and the Romans feature strongly in our learning programmes.

In 2008, the Antonine Wall became a UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of the larger Frontiers of the Roman Empire site, an historic monument which runs through the UK, mainland Europe and North Africa. Few World Heritage projects meet UNESCO's ambition of respect between global cultures as this does, turning what was built to divide peoples into a symbol of common purpose.

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