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Falkirk Museum has one of the largest collections of Roman material in Scotland. This consists chiefly of second century AD pottery from the Antonine Wall forts at Carriden, Inveravon, Mumrills, Falkirk and Castlecary, as well as from the Flavian and Antonine forts at Camelon. A wide range of Roman altars, glass beads, brooches, harness fittings, spindle whorls, shoes and so on may be found on the Collections Browser. There is even a long sword or spatha.

Amongst the more unusual prehistoric items is an oak longbow from Denny Muir and a stone mould for making bronze axes from nearby. Stenhousemuir was the centre of pottery production in the 15th and 16th centuries and provided exotic ceramics to the royal palaces and abbeys of Scotland.

Old objects are daily found by metal detectorists, walkers and gardeners and may be brought into Falkirk Museum for identification (but not valuation). Where appropriate, items will be submitted to the Treasure Trove system which is a legal requirement in Scotland.

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