The Falkirk district has a great diversity of sites. Did you know, for example, that there were over 30 castles? The most famous monument is the Antonine Wall, which was recently recognized as a World Heritage Site. It was built around 142AD to mark the Roman Empire’s new northern frontier, but abandoned only 20 years later. Within the Falkirk district there are forts along the line of the wall at Carriden, Inveravon, Mumrills, Falkirk, Rough Castle and Castlecary. The Museum has produced a booklet featuring the reconstruction drawings of Mike Moore, together with a guide to the upstanding remains.

Information on archaeology from other periods has also been published in the Journal of the Falkirk Local History Society - ice-houses, doocots, sundials, graveyards and much more.

A complete list of archaeological sites and buildings of historic or architectural interest is kept at Callendar House and is known as the Falkirk Sites & Monuments Record. This provides a description of each site and details the location, condition, known history and published sources as well as photographs.

This can be accessed online through the Collections browser under 'advanced search', by selecting Sites from the drop-down menu for 'Current search collection'.

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