Enquiries from a distance

If you cannot visit the Archives, our staff will try to provide information in response to enquiries by letter, fax, email or telephone.

Specific questions which can be answered with limited research by staff will be undertaken free of charge and will normally be answered within five days of receipt of the enquiry.

We will:

  • provide advice about relevant archives and the likelihood of their containing the information you want
  • discuss your aims in order to narrow down your request to a specific question which the archive service can readily answer
  • advise on how to research the archives using finding aids and the search room facilities
  • provide photocopies or other images of specific documents from the archives to allow you to carry out your research away from the archives (subject to copyright legislation, preservation concerns and current fees and charges)
  • where appropriate, refer you to other public services which also hold the same information – for example, Old Parish Registers and census records are available at local Libraries, at local Registration Offices, at the General Office for Scotland and on the internet.

If you need us to undertake extensive research, then we need to charge you an hourly rate for the work:

  • Archive Research on behalf of Client (per hour) - £25.00

The availability of this service is limited by staffing and resources so please ask for details.

For full details about our Archives, please see our Access Statement.


Opening hours

Monday 10:00 16:00
Wednesday 10:00 16:00
Thursday 10:00 16:00
Friday 10:00 16:00
The Archives are closed between 12:30 and 13:30.

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