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There are a number of local history publications available for sale in Falkirk Libraries. Please contact Falkirk Library for more information.

Travelling through time

ISBN: 0906586712
Price: £2.00
Review: A survey of transportation in Falkirk through the ages. There are chapters detailing transport using: horses, railways, waterways, bicycles, motors, trams and aeroplanes.

To Labour All Our Lives

ISBN: 0906586895
Price: £4.95
Review: This work is a photographic celebration of the working lives of the people of Falkirk. A collection of old photographs, with accompanying explanations, illustrating working life in the Falkirk area.

Panorama of Central Scotland

ISBN: 1851373535
Price: £2.75
Review: An artist's impression of Central Scotland; depicting mountains, rivers, lochs and glens. Also included are details of the history and heritage of the area and the locations of all tourist information centres.

Heroes Departed

ISBN: 0906586747
Price: £4.00
Review: This book provides a look at the impact of the First World War on the district of Falkirk. It includes photographs and copies of newspaper clippings from that time.

Recipes from the 1820s kitchen at Callendar House

Price: £1.95
Review: This 16 page, A5-size booklet contains a selection of seasonal Georgian recipes that can be sampled by visitors to the restored working kitchen at Callendar House.

Locks, Stocks and Bodies in Barrels

ISBN: 0906586909
Price: £3.00
Review: This publication illustrates the role Falkirk waterways have played in the history of the area, and also looks at the role they may play in the future with the development of the Millennium Link. Contains some photographs and illustrations.

Old Ordnance Survey Maps – Denny 1896

ISBN: 0850543312
Price: £2.30
Review: A map of Denny, from the turn of the nineteenth century, showing the area in great detail. It is one of two published for the areas of Denny and Dunipace.

Old Ordnance Survey Maps – Larbert & Stenhousemuir 1896

ISBN: 0850544181
Price: £2.50
Review: A map of Larbert and Stenhousemuir from 1896, it also includes a short history of Larbert.

Old Ordnance Survey Maps – Polmont 1896

ISBN: 0850546303
Price: £2.10
Review: A detailed map showing Polmont as it was towards the end of the nineteenth century. Also includes a short history of the area.

Old Ordnance Survey Maps – Dunipace 1896

ISBN: 0850543266
Price: £2.30
Review: A map showing the area of Dunipace in great detail from the turn of the nineteenth century.

Old Ordnance Survey Maps – Bo'ness 1896

Price: £1.88
Review: A map of Borrowstounness (Bo'ness) in 1896. Includes a small history and list of residents at that time, along with their occupations.

Denny and Dunipace

ISBN: 0906586879
Price: £3.25
Review: A collection of annotated historical photographs of the area.

Bo'ness: a glimpse of the past

ISBN: 0954045335
Price: £2.50
Review: A historical photographic survey of the Bo'ness area.

Grangemouth's Modern History

ISBN: 0906586739
Price: £9.00
Review: A comprehensive and authoritative history of Grangemouth's recent past.

Falkirk District in the Second World War

ISBN: 0906586925
Price: £4.50
Review: A book detailing the effect of the Second World War on the people of Falkirk.

Annals of a Country Parish

ISBN: 0906586569
Price: £2.00
Review: A complete transcript of the minutes of Bothkennar Kirk Session with an introduction, notes and glossary, it provides a fascinating picture of old days and ways in Bothkennar Parish.

Local red book

ISBN: 1841921149
Price: £3.25
Review: The Falkirk and Grangemouth Local Red Book includes a road map of the area, an enlarged map of the centre of Falkirk and a street index.

Falkirk's Yesterdays

ISBN: 0906586968
Price: £3.95
Review: A collection of historical annotated photographs of the Falkirk area.

Happy Valley

ISBN: 0906586917
Price: £3.95
Review: A collection of reminiscences from around the Laurieston area.
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