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Registration services

Birth, death and marriage registration became compulsory in Scotland from 1855, so statutory records are held from this period. Prior to this, parish records were kept by the established Church of Scotland. However, the majority of Scots were members of the Church of Scotland and so their baptisms (not births) and proclamation of banns of marriage are usually recorded in the church registers. These records are known as old parish records or OPRs and date from 1553 to 1854. Digital images of these records for the whole of Scotland including census records from 1841 can be viewed at any of our six registration offices for a fee. Information on all registration services can be found on Falkirk Council's website.

A general search of these records can be done with the help of registration staff experienced in navigating the system as an alternative to do-it-yourself searching. This can work out less time-consuming and less expensive for the customer. At the time of the search, paper print-outs of these records can be issued for births over 100 years old, marriages over 75 years old and deaths over 50 years old for a small fee.

General Register Office (for Scotland) in Edinburgh is the main source for information on Scotland's People. Along with OPR and statutory records they hold information which may be of use when searching your family tree, e.g. war registers, marine registers and air registers. For more information see www.gro-scotland.gov.uk.

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