Our collections

Archaeological finds

The Romans built the Antonine Wall here, which bisected the district, and they left a wealth of archaeological evidence.

There are artefacts and biological specimens from the period before 1707, which provide evidence of the cultural history of the peoples that have lived in the area.

Falkirk Museums also produce detailed site records and maintain a register of archaeological and historic sites, structures and find-sites within Falkirk district.

Art collection

There is a significant collection of nineteenth and twentieth century ceramics from both Dunmore and Bo’ness.

The visual arts collection currently consists of documentary views and portraits connected with the locality.

Contemporary art works, sculptures and design by established and emerging artists with connections to the area are also included. They include artists Elizabeth Blackadder, Alan Davie and Mark I’Anson.

Industrial Falkirk

Falkirk was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution in Scotland, marked by the founding of the Carron Iron Company in 1759.

Objects from the many iron foundries, including patterns, tools, machinery and products form an important part of the collection.

The brick making, chemicals, quarrying, woodworking, engineering, and ship building industries are also all represented in our collections.


The textile collection contains uniforms relating to the military, police and various trades.

There are children’s, men's and women’s clothes and domestic textiles, such as tablecloths, as well as flags, banners and quilts.

A significant collection of 1930s-1980s women’s clothing was donated in 1996.

Social history

Objects tell the story of domestic life in the area and its supporting network of shops, banks, schools, hospitals and other services.

They include utensils required for the kitchen, toys, sporting equipment and clothing.

Items that reflect contemporary life are also collected.

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