Our Archives hold lots of photographs and records which tell us about our area during the First World War.

Some of the highlights from our Archives include:

  • Rolls of Honour from schools, factories and burghs
  • Photos of munitions production lines and the women who worked there
  • The Laurieston School photo album - a record of former pupils who served in the armed forces during World War One

There are also stories hidden in all kinds of different records. Burgh Minutes tell us how local government and services continued to function despite the War. School records tell us about local reactions and arrangements for troops. We even have some family letters, which tell us how ordinary people coped. For more information, contact us using the details below.

Tel: 01324 503779


Libraries holds material ranging from first-hand accounts written at the time and published in the Falkirk Herald, pamphlets and leaflets from the time and historical accounts written after the war, some of them quite recently.

Our libraries also hold a great deal of general information on the War, including the 26 volume 'History of the Great War', published in 1922 from official documents.

We've also indexed the Falkirk Herald for the period covered by the War; this includes published details of casualties.

Library customers have free access to the Ancestry website, which includes military service records, to aid family history searches and genealogy projects.

Replica Trench

In December 2014, staff at Falkirk Library meticulously recreated a scale model trench section in the atrium of Falkirk Library, to give visitors a sense of the living conditions in trenches during the War.

For more information, pop into any of our libraries or contact us using the details below.

Tel: 01324 506800


The museum collections include a number of shells and hand grenades made by the local foundries for the First World War, munitionettes badges, medals belonging to men who fought and memorial plaques commonly known as the 'Dead Man's Penny'. We've also got some partial Princess Mary Christmas Gift Sets, and a piece from an aeroplane made locally.

The museum holds temporary exhibitions, including one on the theme of WAR at the beginning of this centenary. We'll also hold some talks programmes at Callendar House and around the community. The museum's learning team is currently creating programmes of activity throughout the four year centenary.

Tel: 01324 503770

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