Bo'ness War Memorial


Several sites were suggested including the new public park at Bankhead, the north side of Grange Terrace and the top of the steps at Church Wynd opposite the parish church. The latter site, at the junction of Stewart Avenue and Church Wynd, was chosen and the monument designed to complement the view overlooking the Forth.


The monument consists of a pedestal and shaft, the latter rising 27ft. On the shaft are several bronze reliefs, a sword on the north side with a lion on a plaque set within a wreath; and a sailing ship on a similar plaque on the south face.

The names of the foreign places where the fighting took place are engraved into the stone blocks. The names of the fallen are given on bronze tablets on the north, west and east sides: "Salute the memory of these thy sons who fought and laid down their lives in the world war".

Unveiled by Lieutenant General Sir Walter P. Braithwaite on Saturday 12 July 1924. Dedication by Reverend Robert Gardner of Bo'ness.

Names of the Fallen

First World War: 400 men

Walter Adams, Andrew Aidie, Robert Aitken, Robert Alexander, James Stanley Allen, Alexander D Anderson, Carl Otto Anderson, William D Andrew, Robert Baikie, Walter Baikie, Thomas Baillie, Boyd Ballantyne, Thomas Ballantyne, Thomas Barbour, Aaron Barnett, Thomas Barnett, Hugh Baxter, Alexander Bell, Andrew Bell, David McKenzie Bell, John McKenzie Bell, James Bell, Peter Bell, Alexander Bernard, Thomas H Bernard, William Binnie, John Bishop, William Bishop, Thomas Black, James C Blackley, David Boslem, John Boslem, Joseph P Boyd, John Boyle, James Brandon, George Brodie, James D Broom, Herbert Broome, H Brown, James Brown, Robert Brown, Robert N Brown, Thomas Brown, William Brown, William Brown, William Brown, John Buchanan, Alexander Laing Burnett, James Burnett, Daniel Burns, Hugh Campbell, William Campbell, William Cant, John Carlaw, Thomas Carr, Alexander Chisholm, Andrew S D Clark, James Clark, Robert Clark, John Henry Cook, John Corbett, Alexander Cotton, John Cotton, John G Couper, Richard Cowan, Robert Croft, Alexander Crawford, Robert W Crossthwaite, George W Cruickshank, James E Culbert, Thomas Cullen, James Cuthell, John Currie, W Currie. Robert Dalrymple, Richard Day, Archibald Dearie, J Denton, Andrew Dickson, Robert W Dott, John Douglas, Charles Downie, Victor Downie, John Drummond, Fred P Drummond, Robert Drummond, William Drummond, James Drysdale, William Drysdale, Alexander Duncan, John Dunlevy, Archibald Dunlop MC, James Dunlop, William Easton, John Edgar, Wm K Erikson, John Erskine, Robert Fairclough, William Falconer, George Fargie, William Fearns, David Ferguson, William John Finlay, Thomas Finlay, William M Finlay, David Victor Foot, Alexander Forbes, George Forbes, George Ford, William T Ford, William Forrest, Henry Victor Fradley, Herbert Fradley, Charles Frew, John Friars, George Gardner, James Gardner, John Gardner, Thomas Gibb, James Gibson, David Glen, David Golder, James Goodall, William Goodall, Robert Graham, Alexander Grant, Alexander Grant, David Grant, James Cairns Grant, George Grant, James Grant, John Grant, William C Grant, Alexander Gray, W Nicol Gray, Charles Hamilton, James S Hamilton, John Hamilton MM, Michael Hamilton, Richard Hamilton, Richard W Hamilton, Richard N Hamilton, William Hamilton, Albert Hanley, Herbert Hanley, Victor Hanley, Hugh Hannah, John Hannah, John M Hardie, Alexander Harley MB, John W Harper,Harry Harris, James Harvey, Adam Hastie, John Hastings, Harry A Hayworth, Alexander Heath, Robert Hempstead, William Henderson, W Hislop, Gordon Hogg, Harry Paul Hogg, James Hogg, Gordon Hossack, Frederick Houston, Thomas Howie, Andrew Huldberg, James John Hunter, William Hunter, A Hutton, John Hutton, James Invie, John Jackson, Eric Jamieson, Robert J Jamieson, James E Johnston, Michael J Johnston, David W Johnstone, James Jones, John Keith, Thomas Kennedy, Thomas Ker, John Kidd, John Kindred, William Kindred, James S King MM, Richard King, William King, Thomas Knowles, George Kyles, Thomas Lapsley, Robert Leishman, Thomas Leishman, T Lightfoot, Daniel Lowrie, Alexander Lumsden, Eneas McAllister, M Stanley Macalley, James McP McBlain, Charles McCallum, John McCallum, Neil McCallum, James McCarrol, Andrew McCleary, George McCredie, John McCredie, William McCarroch, Henry McEwan, James McFarlane, John McGillivray, Peter McGillivray, Michael McGowan, William McGowan, John McGurk, Donald McGregor, Samuel G McGregor, James McIlroy, Hugh Rose McIntosh, James McIntosh DCM, John McIntosh, James Mackay, John Keir Mackay, David P McKay, James A McKay, David S McKerracher, John McKerracher, John McKinnon, Thomas McLaren, Andrew McLean, Robert McNaught, Peter McNiven, John McPhee, Robert McPhee, Daniel McQuillan, John M. McVeigh,Joseph McVeigh, Edward McWilliams, Robert Maines, Charles Mair, Terres H Mair, Richard Malarky, Thomas Joseph Malrine, James Mann, John Manson, Henry Marr, James Marshall, William Marshall, James Martin, William J Martin DCM, James Wright Masson, Robert Masson, James Maxwell, John Maxwell, Thomas Meikle, Thomas Meldrum, William Melville, Duncan Middleton, John Middleton, John Middleton, David Miller, George Millar, George Burnett Miller, Alexander Mitchell, James Morgan, John Morison, Alexander S Morrison, Thomas Morrison, William Morrison, Hugh Muir, Michael Muldoon, John Mulholland, Joseph Murphy, James Naismith, Adam Neill, Walter Neill, Alexander Neish, Robert M Nimmo, Hamilton Ogg, Hugh Orr, Thomas Orr, Walter Orr, William Paterson, Malcolm N Paul, Mathew Paul, John Peebles, Andrew Porteous, Arthur Porter, Alexander Potter MM, Peter Potter, Robert Potter, Richard Pow, William Pow, James Quarrie, John Queeman, John Reedie, David Reid, Joshua Reid, Robert Reid, James Reilly, Thomas Reilly, James M Rhynas, Moses Rickard, Robert Riddell, James Riley, Thomas Robb, Alexander Robertson, Daniel Robertson, David Robertson, George Robertson, Harry Robertson, Herbert Robertson, James M Robertson, John Robertson, William Robertson, William Robertson Daniel Rodgers, Joseph Roiks, Thomas Rooney, William Rose, Samuel Rowland, David Rutherford, John Seaton, Andrew Sharp, Robert Sharpe MC, John Shaw, Angus D Sheal, Joseph Sherratt, Colin Sidley, David Simpson, John Simpson, Thomas B Simpson, Robert Sinclair, George Smith, Daniel Snedden, Forbes Snedden, Richard Snedden, William Snedden, Alexander W Sneddon, Alexander Sneddon, Edward A Sneddon, James W Sneddon, Thomas Sneddon, John Stanley, Gilbert Stanners, Neil M Stanners, Thomas W Stanners, Peter Stanners, Alexander Stephenson, E Stephenson, Alexander Stevens, Robert Stevenson, Thomas S Stevenson, W F Stevenson, Edward B Stewart, William Stoddart, David Tait, Fred Tait, John D Taylor, John Telfer, Alexander Thomson, Henry Thomson, Hugh Thomson, Peter Thomson, Charles Trew, Alexander Valentine, John Veitch, Andrew Waldie, Alexander Walker, James Walker, William Wallace, Peter Wardlaw, John Wardrope, Andrew Watson, George R Watt, Jack Watt, Andrew S Watters, Anthony Weir, Peter Weir, William Welsh, Joshua B West, Henry White, John B White, Laurence White, Thomas White, William White, Cornelius Whitelaw, James A Whitelaw, Alex Williamson, Andrew Williamson, James Williamson, Robert Wilson, John Wotherspoon, Andrew Wright, Edward Wright, William Yates, Thomas Young, William Youngson.

Second World War: 116 men

Daniel Aitken, Alexander Aiton, Richard Barrie, Thomas Beglin, David Bowie Bell, Robert Bell, James Bell, Hugh Bernard, James R Bernard, J Bernard, James Maxwell Brechin, William H Brown, James Brooks, Davie H Burnett, William D Cameron, Thomas Cooper, Richard B Cox, Alexander Deas, James Denholm, John Williamson Duncan, Richard C Falconer, James Ferguson, Alexander Fleming, William Easton Foot, Robert Forbes, John Foster, John Russell Fraser, James Grant, John Grant, Joseph Grant, Thomas S Grant, William Gibson, Andrew R Gray, George Gray, Thomas Gray, William John Green, William Hannah, William Hastings, James Henderson, Peter James Innes, Alexander Kennedy, Charles Law, Andrew Lapsley, John Lapsley, Thomas Lapsley, T C Leishman, Robert F Lind, Neil Livingston, William Malarky, Gavin Marshall, William Flint Martin, James Gardner Murray, William S McBeth, John McGillivray, Hugh R McIntosh, Mathew D McKenzie, Robert S J McMurray, Thomas McNeill, Walter Newton, Daniel Nimmo, Peter Nimmo, Peter MacL Park, James B Peebles, John F Pollock, James C Porteous, Peter Pow, David Rankine, Alexander Reid, James R Ritchie, Peter Ritchie, James Alan Robertson, John Robertson, William G Robertson, Robert Scotland, Andrew Scotland, William M Scullion, William L Shanks, George Simpson, James Simpson, Mathew C Simpson, Daniel Sinclair, Gordon S Snedden, William Snedden, James Stanners, Edward Steele, James Steele, Mathew Stewart, Robert Thorne, Robert Troup, William Ure, James W Ure, William Wallace, John White, David Wardrop.

Merchant Navy: George Allan, Henry Anderson, James R Brown, James Clark, Patrick Gibney, Peter Gilfillan, John Grant, William Grant, John Gray, Robert Harrison, Robert Heggie, Charles Kidd, Alexander F Miller, William McKendrick, John Paterson, Ralph Paterson, Richmond Picken, George D Robertson, Alexander C Sharp, John Stewart, James Thomson, Robert Wright.

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