Bonnybridge War Memorial


On the north side of Main Street near to the form, across the River Bonny and the toll.


An obelisk on a plinth, 15ft tall. Made from Peterhead granite, the upper part highly polished to contrast with the rough base. The words "LIBERTY", "JUSTICE", "HONOUR" and "HUMANITY" appear one on each side, while let into the lower part are four panels bearing the names of the fallen. A second plaque facing the road reads: "To the undying memory of the officers, N.C.O.'s & men of the Parish of Bonnybridge who gave their lives in the great war 1914-1919. Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friend. Their name liveth for ever more."

A memorial clock in the form of a wrought iron arch was erected to the west for the Second World War dead. The arch is decorated with thistles and other foliage. A brass plaque on either side of the passage bears the names of the dead of this war. Eight steps lead through the arch and into a small semi-circular forecourt.

The architect was Mr J Smith, the county architect, the iron work was by Messrs Smith & Co of Glasgow, and the builder was Messrs Duncan Stewart & Co Ltd. The sculptors were the Gibb Brothers from Ashgrove Road, Aberdeen. Unveiled by James Anderson of Dennyloanhead on 30th April 1921 and dedicated by Reverend Steel. The memorial arch was unveiled by Sir Gordon MacMillan on Sunday 17 September 1949.

Names of the Fallen

First World War: 178 men

  • Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders: Capt John Andrew Ure, Lieut Colin Stein, Sgt Maj A Munro, C.Sgt Maj Alex MacLennan, Sgt Hugh Ferguson, Sgt David Fernie, Sgt Dan Holmes, Cpl Wm Russell, Cpl William Watson MM, L/Cpl Andrew Cruse, L/Cpl Peter Ferguson, L/Cpl Duncan C Leith, L/Cpl Frank McWatt, L/Cpl John Vincent, L/Cpl Bert Young, Pte W J Aitken, Pte James Bryons, Pte Joseph Coleman, Pte Harry Clarke, Pte Conrad Cruse, Pte J Cairney, Pte Patrick Currie, Pte John Douglas, Pte Thomas Duncan, Pte James Gordon, Pte James Gillies, Pte John Halliday, Pte James Henderson, Pte William Henderson, Pte John Hutchison, Pte James Joss MM, Pte E Kenny, Pte James Lawrence, Pte Allan Low, Pte Albert Murray, Pte Richard Walker, Pte James McNairn, Pte M Mackay DCM MM, Pte James McDonald, Pte John McAinsh, Pte Peter McAusland, Pte J Mackie, Pte J Noble, Pte Nath T Reid, Pte John Reilly, Pte John Seaton, Pte Bartholomew Sulivan, Pte George Slater, Pte Duncan S Stalker, Pte Alex Stewart, Pte Henry Strand, Pte William Shearer, Pte Peter Traynor, Pte Patrick Currie, Pte Andrew Scott.
  • Army Service Corps: Dvr. Joseph Findlay.
  • Cameron Highlanders: Pte. W. Ferguson, Pte. Archie Martin, Pte. Alex Stewart, Pte. John Stewart.
  • Canadians: : L/Cpl John Stevenson, Pte M Giff, Pte Jas McKim, Pte John McArthur, Pte Alex C Reid, Pte James Watson, Pte Hugh Wren, Pte Jas McCandless, Pte Thomas McCandless.
  • Connaught Rangers: Pte. Pat Corry.
  • Dublin Fusiliers: L/Cpl Michael Murray, Pte M Bennet, Pte Thomas Fulton, Pte Edward Traynor, Pte James Traynor.
  • Durham Light Infantry: Pte. Thomas Ballantyne.
  • Enniskillen Fusiliers: L/Sgt. WJ Wilson, Pte. Terence Cole, Pte. John Quinn.
  • Gordon Highlanders: L/Cpl. Thomas Goodwin, Pte. Stuart McPherson, Pte. Alex Reid.
  • Herts Regiment: Pte. James Mitchell.
  • Highland Light Infantry: Sgt Clark Porteous, Sgt George Ure, Pte J Gordon Gillespie, Pte W Hamilton, Pte Alex Pettigrew, Pte James Scott, Pte Robert Stewart.
  • Hussars: Cpl. Wm Delvin.
  • Irish Guards: Pte James Glennon, Pte Wm Jackson MM, Pte Robert McColgan, Pte Robert McAuley, Pte John Tait.
  • King's Own Scottish Borderers: Pte Alex Hendry, Pte Alex McGilvray, Pte Joe Stoddart, Pte J W Fletcher.
  • Lancashire Fusiliers: Pte. Robert Longworth.
  • Lancers: Pte. John Hay.
  • Leinster Regiment: Pte R Cosgrove, Pte Joe Gorry, Pte Pat Hassey, Pte Pat Longworth, Pte Chris Traynor, Pte Pat Quinn, Pte J Pearce.
  • Machine Gun Corps: Pte James Low, Pte Thomas Young.
  • R.A.F: 2nd Lt. Allen A. Nelson.
  • R.A.M.C: Pte. J Docherty, Pte. John Menzies.
  • Royal Engineers: Sgt Angus McGregor, Sap Robert Graham, Sap T J M Mitchell, Sap Alex Taylor.
  • Royal Field Artillery: Sgt Alex McCann, Dvr J Fallin, Dvr Dan Holmes, Dvr M Muirhead, Dvr T McCormack, Gnr David Hunter, Gnr John Scott.
  • Royal Highlanders (Black Watch): Sgt Peter McNeil, Pte Alex Durham, Pte Thomas Hannah, Pte A Lorimer,Pte Alex McTaggart, Pte Dan Neilson, Pte David Pollock.
  • Royal Irish Fusiliers: Pte Dennis Curran, Pte Wm Gentles, Pte Jos Henley, Pte Pat Maloney, Pte Michael McDonald.
  • Royal Munsters: Pte. Pat Conroy.
  • Royal Naval Division: AB Ronald Davidson, AB Andrew Connolly, AB Thomas H Dent, AB Hugo Drummond, AB John Ferguson, AB John Gray, Pte Peter McDonald.
  • R.G.A: Gnr David McNellie.
  • Royal Navy: Boy Henry McAlpine.
  • Royal Scots: L/Cpl Andrew Ewing, L/Cpl Peter McDade, Pte David R Davie, Pte C Ferguson, Pte Alex Gillespie, Pte Arch Marr, Pte Jas Moffat, Pte Robert Mitchell, Pte John Quinn.
  • Royal Scots Fusiliers: Pte. Thomas Hall, Pte. Jas McKay.
  • Royal West Kents: Cpl John McCallum MM, L/Cpl David L Stalker, Pte J Buchanan, Pte David Smith.
  • Seaforth Highlanders: Sgt William Fraser, Sgt Alex Millar, Pte John Hudson, Pte Wm Kirk, Pte Alex Mackay, Pte Peter Sinclair, Pte Charles Stevenson, Pte Andrew Torrance, Pte Archie Mochrie.
  • Scottish Horse: Pte William Wands, Pte James C Porteous, Pte J Mackie.
  • Scottish Rifles: Pte. John Halliday, Pte Wm Q. Stevenson.
  • Scots Guards: Pte. James McLay.
  • West Yorks: Pte. John A. Fawcett.
  • Yeomanry: Tpr. Peter Leith.

Second World War: 50 men

  • Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders: Pipe Major M MacLachlan, Cpl John Ferguson, Cpl Robert Irvine, Cpl Wm M'Gibbon, Cpl John M'Nab, Cpl William Stewart, Cpl Colin Weir, L/Cpl Jas Duncan, L/Cpl John M'Niven, Pte F Connell, Pte J Fitzpatrick.
  • Gordon Highlanders: Pte. George Laurie.
  • King's Own Scottish Borderers: Pte Wm Anthony, Pte John Happer, Pte Wm Leckie.
  • Parachute Regiment: Sgt. George Dawson.
  • Pioneer Corps: Pte. T. Brereton, Pte. Wm Taylor.
  • R.A.O.C: Pte. Hamish Fraser, Pte. Walter Johnston, Pte. David Miller.
  • R.A.F: F/O W. O'Connor, F/O David Stewart, F/Sgt J Anderson, F/Sgt Alex Boyle, F/Sgt James Grindlay, F/Sgt Walter Mann, Sgt J Torrance, Sgt Hugh Wren, LAC George Hanson, LAC M O' Connar, LAC James Stark.
  • Royal Artillery: Gnr Jos Deans, Gnr Wm Laird, Gnr Jas Mackie, Gnr Robert Thomson.
  • R.A.S.C: Cpl. J. Jeffrey.
  • Royal Corps of Signals: L/Sgt. M. McVicar.
  • Royal Dragoons: Tpr. Jas Campbell.
  • Royal Engineers: Sap. John Brown, Sap. James Coulter.
  • Royal Navy: O/Coder A. Ritchie, AB James Fraser, AB Terence Kane, AB William McGibbon.
  • Merchant Navy: S'man John Boaze, Cabin Boy M. Allan.
  • Royal Scots Fusiliers: Pte. John Shaw.
  • Scots Guards: G'man Wm Reed.
  • Seaforth Highlanders: Pte. David Bryson.

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