Denny & Dunipace War Memorial


In Denny cemetery south of the main road from Falkirk to Denny. It is set on the top of a prominent terraced mound. The land was donated by Charles Forbes of Callendar House.


The pedestal is of grey granite, and the bronze figure of Victory of Peace has been adopted from the Burgh Seal. She holds a laurel wreath in her outstretched hand, while a broken sword is crushed underfoot. Inscribed on the side panel of the base facing Denny are the words "To the Men of Denny and Dunipace who fell in the Great War, 1914-1918". Below is the following verse from Milton's 'Samson Agonistes':

"Nothing is here for tears, nothing to wail
Or knock the breast: no weakness, no contempt,
Dispraise, or blame; nothing but well and fair,
And what may quiet us in a death so noble."

There is a rockery at the base of the monument and the grounds have since been laid out with flower beds. A bronze plaque designed by R Wilson, Falkirk’s burgh architect, was added in 1950 to commemorate those soldiers who died in the Second World War. The text here reads: "To the Glory of God and in proud and grateful memory of those who gave their lives in the world war 1939-1945". It was executed by Messrs M'Donald and Cressick of Edinburgh, and erected on a granite table by Abercrombie and Son, Camelon. The Korean War is also commemorated by the further addition of a bronze strip.

Due to the relative remoteness of the location of the war memorial, copies of the five plaques were made in the late 1960s and placed in a retaining wall at Church Walk in the town centre. These were removed in 2013 to the grounds of Broompark Community Centre as part of the redevelopment of the town centre.

Names of the Fallen

First World War: 154 men

  • Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders: Sgt Jonathan Baird, L/Cpl William J Baird, Sig. Charles Bennie, Pte James Blackie, Pte George Fleming Brock, Pte James Clement, Pte Peter Clement, Pte David Crawford, L/Cpl John Cunningham, Pte John Dawson, Pte James Drysdale, Pte James Dunnigan, Pte William Durham, Pte William Henderson Gillespie, Pte Lawrence Heenan, Pte William Keddie, Sgt Andrew A Kerr, Pte George Kerr, Pte Thomas Hill Kerr, Pte Alexander Lorimer, Pte James McArthur, Sig. Alexander McEwan, Pte John McGeachie, Sgt Maj. John McGlade, Pte Henry T McKenzie, Pte Joseph McNeil, Pte Alexander Neilson, Pte John MacLaren Neilson, Lieut Alexander Miller Neish MC, L/Cpl John Park, Piper Leonard Planner, Sgt James Rae, L/Cpl John Robertson, Pte Albert Scott, Pte James Sharp, Pte Daniel Smith, Pte Alexander Stewart, Pte James Thomson, Cpl John Thomson, Sgt John Tunstall MM, Pte Henry Turnbull, L/Cpl James Wright, Pte John Wright.
  • Cameron Highlanders: Pte William Dewar, Pte James Forfar, Pte John Higgins, Pte Alexander Stewart, Pte John Rough Stewart, Pte Thomas Thursby, Pte Henry Walker.
  • Coldstream Guards: Pte. David Halkett
  • Dorset Regiment: Pte. Alexander Smith, Pte. Daniel Tennant.
  • East Lancs Regiment: Pte. James H Scott.
  • Gordon Highlanders: Pte Thomas F Bedford, Pte James Brodie, Cpl Abraham Brown, L/Cpl John Coyle, L/Cpl James Cunningham, Pte David Donaldson, Pte James Donaldson, L/Cpl Alexander Clark Forbes, Pte William Gillespie, Pte John W Lockhart, Pte Robert C Mackie, Pte Archibald White McKenzie, Pte Patrick McNeil, Pte James Millar, L/Cpl David Douglas Paterson, L/Cpl Robert Whyte.
  • Grenadier Guards: Pte. David Anderson.
  • Highland Light Infantry: Pte Alexander B Black, Pte James Blair, Pte Harry Harris, Pte Edward Sinclair, Pte William Weir, Pte Alexander Wilson, Pte William Wright.
  • Irish Guards: Pte. Patrick McGrorty.
  • King's Own Scottish Borderers: Pte John Mitchell, Sgt Samuel Mitchell, Pte William McNair Mitchell.
  • Leinster Regiment: Pte. Thomas Conroy.
  • Lovat Scouts: Pte. William Marshall.
  • Machine Gun Corps: Pte Joseph Coyle, Pte James Mc C Easton, Pte Arthur Grant, Sgt Robert Hillhouse, Gnr James H Mitchell.
  • Northumberland Fusiliers: L/Cpl Duncan M'N Busby, Pte James Comrie, L/Cpl James Dunion, Pte Michael Murray.
  • North Lancs: Lt James Lawrence.
  • R.A.S.C: Dvr. William Brophy.
  • Royal Dublin Fusiliers: Pte James Coyle, Pte Dennis Curran, Pte John McCulloch, Pte Patrick Sweeney.
  • Royal Engineers: Sap Robert Gillespie, Sap George Stewart, Sap James Thomson.
  • Royal Field Artillery: Dvr John F Kay, Gnr Charles Lambert MM, Fitter Staff Sgt Robert Allan Lochhead.
  • Royal Flying Corps: Lt Ernest Whyte.
  • Royal Garrison Artillery: Bdr William Ashwood.
  • Royal Highlanders: Sig L/Cpl Thomas R Allan, Cpl George Cumming, Pte James Fergus, Pte William A Gray, Pte Peter Hannay, Pte Alfred Lorimer, Pte John McD Scobie.
  • Royal Irish Rifles: Pte Patrick McAteer, Rflman John Mullan.
  • Royal Munster Fusiliers: L/Cpl Patrick Murphy, L/Cpl James Neilson, Pte Edward O'Hanlan.
  • Royal Scots: Pte George Anderson, Pte James Fraser, Pte Charles Hermiston, Pte Thomas Hogg, Pte John McCann, Pte Richard McKay, Pte Henry Madden, Pte Robert Penman, Cpl Alexander Waters.
  • Royal Scots Fusiliers: Pte Patrick Collins, Pte Samuel Kerr.
  • Royal Warwicks: Pte Henry Turnbull.
  • Royal West Kents: Pte James Kelly, L/Cpl Peter McDonald, Pte Michael McVicar, Pte Thomas Scott.
  • Scots Guards: Pte Andrew Marshall, Pte William Nicholson.
  • Scottish Horse Field Ambulance: Pte John S Nisbet.
  • Scottish Rifles: Pte Samuel McCurdie.
  • Seaforth Highlanders: Pte Charles Burns, Pte Robert Cameron, Pte Joseph Dyer, Pte John Johnstone, Pte Allan C Kerr, Pte William Martin, Pte Thomas Smith.
  • H.M. Royal Navy & R.N.D: ALS James Boyle, Gun Layer Lewis I Bryson, AB Gordon Drynan Lochhead, AS Felix McLoughlin, AS William Quinn.
  • Australian Infantry Forces: Pte Owen Boyle.
  • Canadian Infantry: Pte Alexander Campbell, Pte Daniel Sinclair McLean.

Second World War: 50 men

  • Army Catering Corps: Pte William P Sharp.
  • Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders: Sgt John Bain, Pte Henry M Boyle, L/Cpl James Duncan, Pte David Dunlop, CSM Charles R Dyer, Sgt Alexander Foster, Sgt William Gardner, Pte James A Hepburn, Sgt James Millar, Pte Alexander Moffat, Cpl Francis Monoghan, Cpl Robert McMurdo, Maj Hugh P Samwell MC, Pte James Shields, Pte Nelson Sloan, Cpl Alex W Turnbull, Pte James C Turnbull, Sgt John Turnbull, Pte John Weaver, Sgt George S Wilson.
  • Australian & New Zealand Army Corps: Pte William Dick.
  • Highland Light Infantry: Pte Thomas Limond
  • Merchant Navy: 2nd refrigerator eng off James Haugh, 3rd Radio Off Robert Mitchell, Capt William Turpie.
  • Parachute Regiment: Cpl Fred Murphy.
  • Rifle Brigade: Rflm Francis McEwan.
  • Royal Air Force: Cpl John M Brown, Sgt David A Galloway, Sgt William J Grieve, Sgt Robert P Kay, Sgt/P James Lambert, S/Ldr Robert Miller, Sgt Henry McPake, Air Cadet G E Papworth, Sgt Douglas W Slogget.
  • Royal Army Medical Corps: Sgt Peter C Baird.
  • Royal Army Ordnance Corps: Lt Alexander G Adams, Pte David Anderson.
  • Royal Army Service Corps: Dvr John Doonan, Pte Charles Hermiston.
  • Royal Canadian Air Force: F/Sgt William Burns.
  • Royal Highland Regiment (Black Watch): Pte Andrew C Easton.
  • Royal Navy: AB William Crawford, LRM Martin Hanley, AB Thomas F Kelly, Lt W Domonic McFall, CPO John R Thomson.
  • Royal Regiment of Artillery: Gnr Daniel Cameron, Bdr Thomas Love, Gnr Joseph Mackie, Gnr Archibald McKenzie.
  • Royal Armoured Corps: Tpr William J Kelly.
  • Royal Corps of Signals: L/Sgt Mathew McVicar, Dvr Thomas Paul.
  • Scots Guards: Gdsm Robert Ferguson.
  • Scottish Rifles (Cameronians): Pte Joseph McNally.
  • Seaforth Highlanders: Pte James McArdle.

War in Korea, 1950-1953

Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders: L/Cpl. David F. Allan.

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