Grangemouth War Memorial


At the northern entrance to Zetland Park. It was set in its own gardens at the junction of Park Road and Dalratho Place, at the south-west side of a public square of semi-circular formation with formal flower beds designed by the Burgh engineer. A number of sites were initially proposed including Charing Cross, the Town Hall, Newhouse, on the bridge over the Grange Burn beside the Bo'ness Road, and even at Grandsable. Charing Cross was the most popular. However, the site offered limited space next to a busy road. A more rural backdrop was favoured by the designer and as the council were just acquiring land to form Zetland Park they were able to incorporate additional land for the monument.


The cenotaph is 27ft tall and is raised on a paved and stepped platform 60ft wide. At the rear the cenotaph was connected to a circled wall terminating with the entrance gates into the park on either side. These gates are elaborately cast in iron and lead into the park proper. Crowning the cenotaph is a group of sculpture representing the British lion rending the German eagle. The original scheme had not included the eagle, and its appearance caused some consternation amongst the council who fell that Britain ought to be behaving with greater dignity in Victory than to portray the defeated Nation thus. The names of the fallen are to be found in lead at the base. On the front, under a carved cross is the inscription:

In proud and grateful memory of the Men
from Grangemouth
Who went forth during these years of War,
to fight for God and the Right,
The names of those who returned not again
are here inscribed."

Underneath, carved on the stone are the words:

"To you with failing hands we throw
The torch: be yours to hold it high."

In 1948 it was decided to remove the crowning sculptural group and replace it with something simpler. However, lack of funds meant that the project had to be carried out by the town council who restricted the scheme and cleaned the existing monument, removed the railings attached to the cenotaph and extended the dias to make it free standing. On the side facing the park they added three Roman stones with lead lettering, each bearing about 44 names.

Designed by Sir John Burnett of John Burnett, Son and Dick, Glasgow. The surrounding layout was the work of the Burgh engineer, Mr. D. A. Donald. The 1956 alterations were supervised by the Falkirk architects, Wilson and Wilson. The monument was sculpted by Alexander Proudfoot of Glasgow, and the structural work was by J.J. & P. McLauchlan, Larbert, and the gates by the Windsor Engineering Co Ltd, Glasgow. Further work in 1956 was by Norman Robertson, sculptor, Falkirk.

The Grangemouth War Memorial was unveiled by General Sir George Ian Hamilton on Saturday 22 September 1923. On the same day he unveiled a brass plaque to the 7th Battalion Scottish Rifles (Camerons) in the town hall, as well as a memorial tablet which was also dedicated at the parish church.

Names of the Fallen

First World War: 276 men

John Adam, James Aitken, John Aitken, Henry Allan, Hugh P S Allan, John Allan, John C Allwart, Edward W Anderson, Robert Anderson, Ronald M Anderson, William T Anderson, Anderson Auchterlonie, Robert Baillie, William Baillie, William Balfour, Colin Baxter, Gordon John R Baxter, Donald McNeil Beaton, James Begg, William A Birnie, Philip Blamford, Henry Brock, Alexander Brown, Thomas Brown, William Brown, John S Brunton, Alexander Buchan, James Burns, Donald Campbell, George Campbell, John Campbell, Peter Campbell, John Carmichael, Robert Carmichael, William D Chapman, Robert P Charleston, David D Clark, Neil Clark, Thomas Cochrane, William Cochrane, Thomas Collins, William M Combe, James Cowan, Thomas Crossan, William Cruikshank, Peter P Davie, Andrew Dempster, Robert Dennistoun, Thomas Dennistoun, James Dick, Richard Dick, William Doig, W Dolan, Thomas J Donald, Andrew P Dougall, John Dougall, Peter Drummond, William Drysdale, John B Dunsmuir, John Durkin, David Edward, Robert W Esplin, William Findlay, Horace Finlay, John Finlayson, George Fitzcharles, William Fleming, William T Galbraith, Alexander Gardner, John Gardner, Joseph H Geddes, John Gemmill, Edward Gilbert, Samuel R Giles, Andrew Glen, James Gow, David Graham, David Graham, Gordon C Graham, Frederick Grant, John Grant, George Gray, Robert Gray, John J Grey, Robert C Grey, Samuel Grey, Thomas H Grindlay, Alexander M Hamilton, D S Hamilton, Robert Hastie, James Hector, John Hector, W R Hector, Alexander Hendrie, John Henry, John Hogg, Samuel Horne, Robert Howieson, John Inkster, Robert W Inkster, Thomas Inkster, James L Jamieson, John Jamieson, Robert Jamieson, Robert Jeffreys, George Kay, William Kay, James C Keddie, Andrew Kelly, David O Kemp, James Kemp, Peter Kemp, Robert R Kemp, Thomas S Kennedy, Harry J Kerr, James W L Kerr, John D Kerr, William Kerr, William King, Charles G Laidlaw, Thomas Laidlaw, Duncan Laing, Adam Laird, John Laird, William Lamond, William Lapere, Thomas Lawrie, Archibald Learmonth, Thomas Leishman, William M Leishman, Peter Leyden, Harry R Liddell. George Marshall, Robert Marshall, David W Martin, Thomas Martin, Robert Mathie, William Mathieson, Robertson Mathew, James Meikle, Thomas Meikle, Robert Mercer, John Milgrew, David H Millar, George Millar, Roy T Millar, Peter Milne, William Milne, John T Mitchell, Robert Mitchell, James Moir, James Moodie, Thomas B Moodie, John Morris, James P W Morrison, John Morrison, Charles Muir, William Murdoch jnr, Peter K Murray, James McAinsh, David McDonald, Duncan McDonald, James D McDonald, Norman Macdonald, Archibald McGeoch, Robert McGeoch, Joseph McGowan, James McIntosh, Richardson McKay, Charles McKerracher, Peter McKerracher, James McLean, Joseph McLeod, Daniel McMillan, Roderick McPhail, Angus McPhee, James McPherson, Thomas McPherson, Thomas Neill, William Nicol jnr, Alexander Nicolson, William Nicolson, David Oliphant, John Oliphant, Wm Oliphant, Charles Paterson, Alexander Paterson, John Paton, William B Peddie, James Penman, James Penman, James Perry, Andrew Petrie, John Rae, Peter Rae, Thomas Rae, James Ralph, Alexander Ramsay, J B Ramsay, Annie Campbell Reid, Andrew Richardson, George Richardson, William E S Ripley, David Ritchie, George Robb, George Robb, Alexander Robertson, David Robertson, Robert Robertson, Mathew Robertson, Alexander Ross, James Scade, Andrew Scott, James Sharp, Daniel Shields, John Short, William F Smeall, Edward Smith, James Smith, James Smith, John Smith, John Smith, John Smith, Thomas B Smith, William Smith, David Snedden, Alexander Sneddon, John B Stenstrom, James Stevenson, William Stevenson, Andrew Stewart, James Stewart, Harry S Stewart, William Stirling, Alexander Strang, Joseph Strang, James Strathie, William Sutherland, William H Sutherland, James Swan, Thomas Swan, Patrick Sweeney, John J Sword, Alexander Syme, Archibald A Taylor, David Taylor, Allan R Taylor, John Taylor, Edward Thom, Andrew B Thomson, Alexander Thompson, Alexander Thomson, James Thomson, James Thomson, John Tocher, Alexander R Veitch, David M Walker, John Walker, Robert Walker jnr, Robert Wallace, Alexander B Walmsley, Thomas Wardlaw, Robert Watt, David Watson, Neil Whittle, David H Willis, David Wilson jnr, Andrew S Wilson, Edward H Wilson, Robert S Wilson, Alexander Winton, Frank C Wood, Alexander K Young, Burns Young, Hugh Young.

Second World War: 136 men

James D M Baillie, Peter Baird, Richard Ballantyne, John Bell, George Bell, James Binnie, Andrew Brand, Robert Brand, Andrew Brown, Robert Brown, William Brown, George Brunton, Robert M Buchan DFC, Peter Burt, Alexander Campbell, Ian Campbell, John P Campbell, John Church, James Clark, William Coulter, John E L Cowie, Robert Cummings, Robert M Cummings, Alexander S Davidson, Thomas Dickson, William Dickson, Jack Dunlop Dow, James Dow, John Duncan, James Drysdale Dunn, Charles Erickson, Bernard Farrell, Andrew G Ferguson, William Findlay, John Flannigan, Robert Flynn, Alfred A M Fraser, Laurence Gallacher, Raymond Galloway, David Wylie Gairns, David Gibson, Thomas Gibson, Ian W Macdonald Gill, Alexander Gloag, Joseph Gorman, Alexander Cameron, Alexander Graham, John Graham, John Grant, John Grassom, James W Greenhorn, Alexander S Hall, John Harley, Angus Heeps, Robert Heeps, James Hutchison, Allister W Jack, David Jamieson, Ian A C Jamieson, James R S Johnston, George Johnstone, William Jeffray, John Kerr, Robert F Kincaid, James Laing, Donald Lindsay, Alexander Logan, Laurence Malcolmson, Archibald Marshall, Edward K Martin, James Martin, George T Mathieson, William G Mayes, John B Millar, William C Millar MBE, William Mitchell, William C M Montgomery, Andrew Moffat, James Morrell, Robert Morrell, James Morrison, Robert Moyes, Dr Robert A Murphy, Patrick Murphy, Charles McClafferty, Charles P McDonald, Hugh McGregor, Thomas McGregor, Alexander Mackenzie, Angus Mackenzie, William Rowand, Ian F Mackenzie, Kenneth M Mackenzie, Duncan McKerracher, Archibald McLaren, John McLaren, William McLaren, Anthony V A McLaughlan, Ritchie McLean, James McLellan, Robert Macnab, John R McNee, David Macpherson, William Nicoll, Malcolm Oliphant, Charles Padkin, James Parker, Alexander C Paterson, William Pearson, Andrew Queen, Alfred Reid, Mathew L Reid, David Ritchie, John Robertson, Francis C Rodger, David Russell, George A Russell, John Russell, David Scott, Fred Sidders, George T Simpson, James Sneddon, Samuel N Sneddon, Donald A Stalker, Thomas Strang, George Strathie, John Sutherland, William Swan, William Swinney, Daniel Thornton, Jack C Walker, David Wallace, Joseph A Warner, James Whyte, Mathew Whyte, Francis R Wood.

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