Larbert War Memorial


On the north side of Main Street immediately in front of the Dobbie Hall. Originally a site at the Point near the Plough Hotel had been selected.


The monument takes the form of a cenotaph and quadrant, the latter containing six bronze panels bearing some 300 names. The centre piece held the inscription "Our Glorious Dead" surmounted by a wreath. It is made of Culalce stone, and is similar to its Whitehall prototype with its simple Dignity. A string course with Greek key patterns and a band of laurel leaves at the top add further decoration. The bronze work was by the Carron Company. A bronze wreath and the dates 1914-1919 were added to the back of the memorial in 1923 and the surplus funds donated to local hospitals.

A new plaque, covering the central inscription, and memorial railings were added after the Second World War. These were designed by Mr W Aitken of Larbert and executed by Messrs Hinshaw, Edinburgh. The dates 1939-1945 were also added to the cenotaph.

Designed by Mr. Washington Browne of Edinburgh. Sculpted by J.J. & P. McLachlan of Larbert. Unveiled by Lieutenant-Colonel Alan Stein on Sunday 24 September 1922. Dedicated by Reverend R.D. McClements. The new plaque for the Second World War was unveiled by Lieutenant-General Sir Gordon H.A. MacMillan in 1949.

Names of the Fallen

First World War: 282 men

  • Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders: Maj J F Jones, Capt A S Hunter MC, Capt Grahame H Wade, Lt R G Hunter, Lt J G Sherriff, Lt Malcolm R Walker, RSM Robert Monteith MC, CSM William Dick DCM, CSM Thomas Inglis, Sgt Fred Reid, Sgt Robert Silcock, Sgt Alex Tasker, Sgt John Thomson, L/Sgt Andrew Finlay, L/Sgt William Taylor, Cpl Alex Hastings, Cpl Thomas Inglis, Cpl Andrew McCowan, Cpl Henry Philip, Cpl Thomas Robb, Cpl J H Robertson, Cpl John Sim, Cpl Henry White, L/Cpl Andrew Dick, L/Cpl J E Gibson, L/Cpl Rowland Hill, L/Cpl James Huskie, L/Cpl John Morrison, L/Cpl Robert Murray, L/Cpl C H Nisbet, L/Cpl James Steel, Pte Daniel Aitken, Pte William Armit, Pte James Baird, Pte James Binnie, Pte Abner Borthwick, Pte G F Brock, Pte Frank Brown, Pte A F Buist, Pte A K Chesney, Pte James Cowan, Pte Robert Cunningham, Pte J T K Dea, Pte John Dick, Pte Douglas Dobbie, Pte James Donaghue, Pte Edward Easton, Pte Alex Esslemont, Pte William Fleming, Pte Thomas Foote, Pte James Graham, Pte William Hamilton, Pte John Harley, Pte F J Heaver, Pte William Jarvie, Pte Donald Jenkins, Pte David Johnman, Pte Andrew Johnston, Pte A R Kemp, Pte William Kerr, Pte J H Laing, Pte Charles Laird, Pte Malcolm Laird, Pte Francis Horn, Pte Hugh Martin, Pte J E Menzies, Pte T B Miller, Pte Alex McCulloch, Pte R F McCulloch, Pte John McDonald, Pte David McEwan, Pte William McEwan, Pte William McGregor, Pte Duncan McLachlan, Pte M McNicol, Pte J A Penman, Pte Peter Penman, Pte William Philp, Pte Alex Robertson, Pte James Scott, Pte James Scott, Pte John Scot, Pte James Smith, Pte Robert Smith, Pte George Steadman, Pte Andrew Stevenson, Pte Robert Stewart, Pte J W Stoddart, Pte Robert Taylor, Pte William Taylor, Pte P MI Watson MM, Pte Daniel White, Pte D F Wilson.
  • Australians: Pte J.M. Joiner, Pte John Sneddon.
  • Bedford Regiment: Capt S.G. Hague MC.
  • Border Regiment: Pte William Osborne.
  • Cameron Highlanders: Pte John Laverie, Pte Ebenezer Rennie MM, Pte William Smith, Pte William Stewart, Pte Robert Thursby.
  • Canadians: AS Sgt John Clark, Sgt Robert Edgar, Sgt John Taylor, Pte James Duncan, Pte William Forsyth, Pte John Glegg, Pte Charles Maitland, Pte George McDougal, Pte George Watson.
  • East Lancs Regiment: Lt David Donley, Pte James Scott.
  • Gordon Highlanders: Lt Kenneth McGaskill, Sgt Alex Spence, Cpl Francis Crombie, L/Cpl William Dickman, L/Cpl G B Graham, L/Cpl Thomas Menzies, L/Cpl A D Milne, L/Cpl R S Parker, L/Cpl George Ritchie, Pte Andrew Aitken, Pte John Allan, Pte John Anderson, Pte Thomas Douglas, Pte James Ferguson, Pte Francis Grant, Pte Robert Heggison, Pte David Laing, Pte Richard Paterson, Pte Alex Symon, Pte William Thompson, Pte Alex Walker, Pte George Walker.
  • Lancashire Fusiliers: L/Cpl John Grant.
  • Highland Light Infantry: Sgt George Mitchell, Pte Alex Cook, Pte James Gardner, Pte Robert Hodge, Pte Archibald Lennox, Pte David Munn, Pte William Robertson, Pte Thomas Tough.
  • Hussars: Tpr Walter Scott, Tpr James Shirra.
  • Imperial Force: Pte JM Jones, Pte John Sneddon.
  • King's Own Scottish Borderers: Pte A B Cunningham, Pte Thomas Forrester, Pte William Hunter, Pte Cornelius Hutton, Pte David McLuckie, Pte James Provan, Pte George Traynor, Pte William Waugh.
  • King's Own Yeoman Light Infantry: Pte Joseph Lewis.
  • London Regiment: L/Cpl Walter Hotson.
  • Machine Gun Corps: L/Cpl John Hastings, Pte Joseph Blair, Pte Andrew Gardner.
  • Northampton Regiment: Lt A.N. Sherriff.
  • Northumberland Fusiliers: Lt J.A.M. Millar.
  • Royal Garrison Artillery: Gnr Andrew McClure, Gnr William Smith, Bsm Alex Hill.
  • Royal Air Force:Sgt R.S. Dobbie, A.M. William Kemp, A.M. Graham Thomson.
  • Royal Army Medical Corps: Capt J.S. Burges, Pte Alex Binnie.
  • Royal Army Service Corps: Cpl William Anderson, Pte T.F. Galbraith, Pte Alex Logan.
  • Royal Berks Regiment: Pte J.B. McIlroy, Pte S.A. White.
  • Royal Engineers: Spr David Ewing, Spr W.I. Godson, Spr William Reid.
  • Royal Field Artillery: Lr George Reid, Gnr Daniel Buchanan, Gnr James Galbraith, Gnr W E Gibson, Gnr Peter Henderson, Gnr James Hill, Gnr David Huskie, Gnr A F McArthur, Gnr Donald McLeod, Dvr Joseph Balfour, Dvr Robert McGregor, Dvr Joseph Reilly
  • Royal Highlanders (The Black Watch): Pipe-man George McFarlane, Cpl George Brough, Pte John Cockburn, Pte Peter Davie, Pte Alex Gentles, Pte David Glanville, Pte Thomas Hannah, Pte John McEwan, Pte Andrew McKendrick, Pte John McFarlane.
  • Royal Naval Division: Lr James Mitchell MM, Lr Thomas Rae, AB Alex Baird, AB Allan Brown, AB John Davie, SG A G Douglas, AB J A Ferguson, AB Alex Gibb, AB Edward Hamill, AB Robert Hill, AB R T Hodge, AB Daniel Kemp, AB Alexander Malcolm, AB Robert McCaig, AB Hector McPhail, AB Harry Preston, AB James Quinn, AB William Sinclair, AB, AB Arthur Reid, Ebenezer Reid, AB William Reid, AB William Tasker, AB George Wallace, AB David Wilson, AB J F Watson.
  • Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve: Chief S Fulton Gillespie, AB Alexander McKenzie, Sig Andrew Philp.
  • Royal Scots: Cpl Thomas Penman, Cpl Robert Waugh, L/Cpl C P Hague, L/Cpl Robert Philp, Pte Robert Brown, Pte James Campbelle Pte J A Carmichael, Pte James Cook, Pte Thomas Cowan MM, Pte Ross Dalgetty, Pte John Duncan, Pte Archibald Fair, Pte William Ferguson, Pte Thomas Fleming, Pte Samuel Gray, Pte Thomas Jardine, Pte Robert Mair, Pte Thomas Rae, Pte N D Rankine, Pte Robert Reid, Pte James Robertson, Pte William Scott, Pte Robert Stark.
  • Royal Scots Fusiliers: Pte William Haire, Pte George Johnston, Pte Charles Johnstone, Pte John Ramsay, Pte William Reid, Pte D W Russell.
  • Scots Guards: Capt A.R. Orr, Pte William Penman.
  • Scottish Horse: Pte Thomas Gardner.
  • Scottish Rifles (Cameronians): Cpl William Lewis, Pte John Adam, Pte Robert Fleming, Pte William Good, Pte John McLaren, Pte George White.
  • Seaforth Highlanders: L/Cpl Robert Watson MM, Pte James Duncan, Pte James Gorrie, Pte Alex Graham, Pte Hugh Hamilton, Pte John Hamilton, Pte Henry Millar, Pte William McDonald, Pte Dugald Rankine, Pte David Runciman, Pte Henry Thomson, Pte Thomas Whittet.
  • Welsh Regiment: Pte D.M. Langlands.
  • East Yorks. Regiment: Pte John Taylor.
  • Yorks. and Lancs. Light Infantry: Pte John Ward.

Second World War: 80 men, 1 nursing sister

  • Airborne Regiment: Pte Edward McCallum, LAC David Provan, Cpl James Watson.
  • Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders: Pte Alexander Brown, Pte Hugh Campbell, Pte Alexander Fowler, Pte John Grant, Capt James Bruce Jones, Capt Reid Bruce Jones, Pte Walter Kirk, Sgt Andrew Kirkwood, L/Cpl Thomas C Liston, Cpl John Rankine, Pte David Thom, Cpl James F C Wyllie.
  • Black Watch: L/Cpl William Ballantyne, Pte Joseph Brown, Pte David Bruce.
  • Devon Regiment: Cpl James Webster.
  • Gordon Highlanders: Pte Thomas Daly, Pte Adam Marshall, Pte David W Quinn.
  • Hussars: Tpr Cornelius Gardiner.
  • Merchant Navy: Bos Joseph Duckenfield, Sman Daniel Griffiths, OS Frederick Machen, Eng Off Joseph G Mitchell, AB Francis Watson, MR(Boy) John C Watson, Stew James Wilson.
  • Nursing Service: NS Agnes McL. C. Young.
  • R.A.F.: S.Ob James C Allan, F/Sgt John D Brown, Sgt John Cowan, ACI Thomas Dougall, F/Eng David GÇ Fairlie, F/Sgt Richard Fowler, Sgt John Gilfillan, Pilot Off Thomas Haig, F/Sgt James MacFarlane, LAC Hugh MacLeod, Sgt Thomas F McLean, F/Eng Murdo McK Muihead, Pilot Off William G Singer, Cpl Wm Waugh, AC Wm Webster.
  • R.A.F.V.R.: F/Lr Alex Í Cummings, F/Sgt John C Cunningham, S.Ob James McIntyre, F/Sgt Hugh M Mathieson, S.Pilot David L Reid, Sgt Robert R Roberts, F/Eng Alan Smith.
  • R.A.S.C.: Pte James Allan, Dvr William Allan, Pte Wm McLuckie.
  • R.A.O.C.: Pte Thomas Dyer.
  • Royal Artillery: Gnr Christopher Macfarline, Gnr John T B McCallum, Gnr David Y McPhail, Gnr Charles Morrison, L/Bdr Colin Rae, Gnr James D Stewart, Gnr Thomas K Wilson.
  • R.C.S.: Sig David Nimmo.
  • R.E.M.E.: Crsman Thomas Paterson.
  • Royal Marines: Mar David Kemp.
  • R.M.Commando: Mar William Y Gorrie.
  • Royal Navy: AB Walter Hall, Sgllr Robert M Kelly, Sea Hugh Lyon, AB John S Munro, Str William N Neish, AB James C Young.
  • R.N.V.R.: Sub Lt (A) Robert C Kay.
  • R.S.F.: Pte Charles Smith, Fus Alexander M Thomson.
  • Royal Tank Regiment: Tpr Jas McFadden
  • Seaforth Highlanders: Pte Donald Stalker, Cpl John W Wallace.
  • Special Air Service: Pte David C Fairweather.

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