Laurieston War Memorial


At the south-east corner of Laurieston Square.


A 22ft high Celtic cross on a rustic base, made from Creetown Granite. The base measures 12ft by 8ft. On the cross are the dates 1914-1919, and the words "To our glorious dead who fell in the Great War". The names of the fallen may be found on a bronze panel which faces the main road. Beneath the panel is inscribed "Their names liveth for ever". Two bronze plaques were added in 1948.

Designed and sculpted by Mr. William C. Roberts, Falkirk. Unveiled by Major Glyn MP on 27 August 1921 and dedicated by Reverend Jas Hunter. The Second World War plaques were unveiled by Colonel Stein on Sunday 18 April 1948.

Names of the Fallen

First World War: 103 men

William Anderson, William Anderson, Pat Arthur, Henry Begg, William Brown, James Brand, John Boyd, John Black, Andrew Brand, John Bayne, John Bain, Peter Black, James Copland, William Cooper, Hugh H Connell, Robert Campbell, John Chalmers, John M Cochrane, James Clark, James Cowan, John Dougal, Hugh Duffy, David Edwards, James Ferguson, Dan Fortune, James Frew, Peter Fleming, William Gibson, William C Grant, Alex Grant, John Gibson, Thomas Hunter, John Henderson, James Irvine, James Johnston, Gardner Jack, Alex Johnston, James Kay, Richard Leishman, Peter Lockhart, Wm Masterton, Alex Muir, John Morrison, John Mellis, Wm Myles, Jas Mertin, Jas F Morris, John Main, James Moodie, Joseph Mitchell, John Miller, Thomas McBride, John McIntyre, James McLay, Alex McDonald, Kenneth McDonald, John McGregor, Robert S McQueen, John McMartin, Thomas McAlcose, Edward McBryde, James M'Kay, Thomas Neil, Charles Provan, Wm L Prattis, James Reilly, Robert Reilly, Andrew Rule, Herbert Richmond, Wm Rankine, Mathew Robertson, James Richmond, John Sime, Wm Simons, Andrew Sorley, Mathew Stevenson, James Sligo, John Sutherland, James Strathie, John Swan, Wm D Stewart, W Y Stevenson, Robert Seymour, Thomas Seymour, Alex Smith, Thomas Smith, James Simpson, Charles Trotter, Robert Vine, Wm Walker, Thomas West, Peter West, James Williamson, Thomas Wilson, Robert Walker, John Walker, Francis Allan, Ronald Dougal, Charles Masterton.

Second World War: 40 men

George Anderson, William Shields, Robert Gardiner, Wilson Stewart, John Jackson, Alex Cunningham, Alex Todd, Walter Murray, Archibald Morrison, Donald M'Gregor, George Paterson, Alex Baird, James Rankine, Wm M'Queen, Wm Fernie, George Steel, Thos Gibson, David Gibson, Charles Gibson, Robert Flynn, Jas Clark, Hugh J Johnston, Malcolm Baird, Robert Cummings, John Harley, Dan Nimmo, Norman McEwan, Wm Imrie, Andrew Simpson, David Thomson, Thos Thomson, Kenneth Mitchell, Gordon Reid, Peter Kerr, Jack Whitelaw, Wm Johnston, J Cowie, Wm Johnstone.

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