Longcroft War Memorial


At the junction of Glasgow Road and Cumbernauld Road, Longcroft, in a railed enclosure.


An obelisk of polished grey Aberdeen granite on a plinth of roughly hewn granite; the whole 15ft tall. Each side of the plinth carries a small canopy which protects the tablets with the names from the weather. The needle of the obelisk is adorned with a sword encircled by a wreath. Below this is the inscription "In memory of our fallen heroes", and on the plinth are the dates 1914-1919.

Sculpted by Messrs Scott and Rae, Glasgow. Unveiled by The Duke of Montrose on Saturday 25 June 1921 and dedicated by Reverend Keir.

Names of the Fallen

First World War: 87 men

  • Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders: Sgt Major Joseph Dent, Sgt Henry Lawrie, Cpl John Hendry, Cpl John M'Queen, L/Cpl Samuel McEwan, L/Cpl William Welsh, Pte John Boyd, Pte James Campbell, Pte Andrew Fleming, Pte William Gilchrist, Pte Edward Kenny, Pte Joseph Lawrie, Pte Andrew Leishman, Pte Alexander McEwan, Pte Peter McLeod, Pte James McNairn, Pte Henry Moffat, Pte Alexander Penman, Pte William Reid, Pte James Reynolds, Pte John Riley, Pte Walter Rollo, Pte John Sneddon, Pte Hugh Sweeney, Pte Mathew Thomson, Pte John Vincent, Pte Peter Welsh.
  • Seaforth: Cpl George Colquhoun, Cpl Lewis Gold, L/Cpl George Marshall, Pte William Chalmers, Pte Archibald Mochrie, Pte George Ross, Pte William Proffit.
  • Camerons: Pte Mathew Hamilton, Pte William Nicholls.
  • Gordons: Pte Thomas Caine, Pte Walter Prow.
  • Royal Scots: Pte Thomas Hardie, Pte Archibald Marr, Pte Walter Wands.
  • Scots Guards: Sgt William Wilson, Pte Robert Caine, Pte Walter Heeps, Pte James Peebles.
  • Royal Seaforth Highlanders: Pte David Proffit.
  • Royal West Kents: Cpl William Carson, Pte John Sharp.
  • R.F.A.: Gnr William Fleming.
  • R.G.A.: Sgr Robert McPhail, Gnr John Smith.
  • Machine Gun Corps: Cpl James Chapman, Pte Joseph Fowler, Pte Alexander Miller.
  • Royal Engineers: Cpl Martin Erskine.
  • Leinsters: Pte Richard Cosgrove, Pte Michael Lester, Pte Neil Longworth, Pte Hector M'Donald.
  • Dublin Fusiliers: Pte Thomas Fulton, Pte James Kenny.
  • Royal Irish Rifles: Pte Christopher Scally.
  • Canadians: Pte Alex Bryson, Pte William Hamilton, Pte John Kerr, Pte Duncan McPhee, Pte Henry M Stirling.
  • Highland Light Infantry: Sgt William A Glendinning, Cpl Peter Lawrie, Pte D Anderson, Pte John Bateman, Pte Donald McDonald, Pte Henry Wylie, Pte Francis Forrest.
  • King's Own Scottish Borderers: Cpl Thomas McGuckin, Pte John Buchanan, Pte Joseph Stothart.
  • Australian I.F.: Sgt Daniel Scott.
  • New Zealand Fusiliers: Pte Thomas P Craig, Pte William Marshall, Pte James Mirk.
  • Royal Naval Division: AB Andrew Connelly, AB Thomas H Dent, AB Alex McKenzie, AB Thomas Purse, AB William Quinn.

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