Muiravonside War Memorial


At the entrance to the extension of the cemetery beside Muiravonside Church.


A stately column resting on a plinth in turn surmounted by a large ball. On the face of the column is carved a sword in the shape of the cross. Each side of the base bears a bronze panel with the names of the deceased on, with the inscription: "Erected in honour of the men of Muiravonside Parish who fell in the Great War 1914.1919". A plaque was added to the base in 1949.

Unveiled by Lieutenant Colonel H.L. Henderson on Saturday 14 May 1921. The Second World War Plaque was unveiled by George McLaren on Sunday 27 August 1949.

Names of the Fallen

First World War: 103 men

  • Muiravonside East: Lt Robert Stirling, Pte Mathew Hoggan, L/Cpl George T Watt, L/Cpl James Lonie, Pte William Fotheringham, Pte Robert Thomson, Pte Alexander Hook, Cpl Peter Wardlaw DCM, Pte John Eaglesham, Sgt George Mills MM, L/Cpl Andrew Meek MM, L/Cpl James Hoggan, Pte John Lonie, Pte John Carson, Pte Alexander Duff.
  • Maddiston: Pte William Williamson, Tpr John Mutter DCM, Pte William Marshall, Pte John Shorthouse, Pte Peter Wilson, Pte Peter McLean, Pte John Spence, Pte Peter Johnston, Pte John Turner, Pte Peter Forsyth, Pte James K Johnston, Pte David Lewis, Stoker Francis Ogilvie, Sgt William Hunter.
  • Carron View & Rumford: Pte John Thomson, Pte Samuel Wilson, Pte John Lithgow, Pte James Wilson, Pte Alex Gow, Pte Archibald John Smith, Pte James Eadie, Pte Robert Heeps, Pte Peter Wilson, Sgt Robert Duncan DCM, Pte Hugh Holland, Pte Hugh Cheyne, Pte George Paterson, Pte Thomas Adams, John Shackleton, Robert Burt, Samuel Shannon, Pte John Hilson, Pte Robert Lithgow, Pte Robert Watson, Pte David McWhinnie.
  • Standburn & Redford: Pte James Gardner, Pte Robert Robertson, Pte Alexander Rodger, Pte Joseph Robertson, Pte William Johnston, L/Cpl Robert Anderson, Pte David Park, Pte George McLean, Pte Robert M'Donald, Pte James Gardner, Pte Thomas Walker, Pte David Christie, Pte James Davies, Pte Robert Brown, Pte Peter Ferguson, Pte Lewis Clark, Pte Walter Rollo MM, Pte David Rodger, Pte William Stevenson, Pte Robert McNeil, Pte Frank Gordon, Pte William Mackay, Pte Thomas Lauder, Pte Mathew Brown, Pte William Geddes, Pte William McArtney.
  • Blackbraes: Pte William Kelso, Pte Alex McEwan, Pte John Reid, L/Cpl Neil Thomson, Pte David Wilson, Pte William Forgie, Pte William Meek, Pte John McDonald, Pte John Kelso, Pte Robert White, Pte Alexander Sneddon, Pte James Reid, Pte James Small.
  • Crosscroes and Avonbridge: Pte Thomas Binnie, Pte Thomas Elliot, Pte James Thomson, Pte Thomas Hunter, Pte Murdoch McKenzie, Pte John Watson, Pte Andrew Baird, L/Cpl Hamilton Dobbie, Pte John Lamond, Pte David Frickleton, Pte George Wallace, Pte Peter Russell, Pte William Wood, Pte James Stewart.

Second World War: 25 men

PO John M Pender, L/Sm Thomas Jack, Pte James W Paterson, Gnr William Penman, Pte James Granger, Pte Robert Mitchell, Pte John Gordon, Sgt Jas Kelso, Sgt David Laird, Gnr Andrew Rintoul, Pte William Lewis, Sgt John Anderson, Stoker Robert G Taylor, Pte Douglas Watson, Stoker William Rae, Pte Hugh Johnstone, O/Sm John Gray, Sgt Stanley Wilson, Pte John Hamilton, Dvr William Gillespie, Cpl Angus Kerr, Sgt Geo Gow, Pte John Gray, Pte Dan Russell, W/O Pat Ford, Dvr Hector Jenkins.

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