Appiness: Easy-peasy fun with apps and tech for toddlers

With so much technology a part of everyday life and an increasingly important part of learning in schools, 3+ is a great age to introduce tablet technology to tiny hands.

If you're choosy about the apps you download and set up the right parental controls you can safely open touchscreen technology to your toddler and boost their learning and development.

Appiness is a new project from Falkirk Libraries that aims to show parents how they can use quality digital apps and other technology to support their child's development. We'll be doing this through:

  • AppyPlay sessions in libraries – see a list of upcoming sessions at the foot of the page
  • A touring library AppyPlace, where you can get hands-on with tablets and pick up our hints and tips leaflets.

How apps can help your toddler's development

The best apps promote lively learning and combine beautiful animation and fun activities to help your child:

  • Navigate challenges like potty training, teeth brushing and going to bed
  • Prepare for new experiences like going to school
  • Improve their literacy and creative thinking
  • Learn about cause and effect, actions and consequences
  • Have fun with you!

Top Tips for using apps

  • Review the app's content beforehand
  • Talk to your child about what they see on the screen
  • Make connections to real life experiences
  • Download apps you can take out and about to learn more about the big wide world
  • Limit use and remember to take breaks
  • Play together!

Useful websites:

Get hands-on at the AppyPlace

Our touring iPads will be popping up in library children's areas, giving you the chance to get hands-on with educational apps whenever the library is open! There are also information leaflets about apps and technology that you can take away.

Where is the AppyPlace?

The AppyPlace is currently at Larbert and Grangemouth Libraries and you can use them whenever the library is open! Settle down with your wee one, talk about what you see on screen and have fun!

AppyPlay events

A listing of upcoming events
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