Rhymetime & Toddlerhyme

Baby Rhymetime

Reading your child stories, and singing songs and nursery rhymes helps to stimulate them and encourages them to learn. The younger the better: even small babies enjoy bright colours in books and being sung to.

It's enjoyable for the child and for you as you discover old stories and rhymes from your childhood.

If you would be interested in bringing your child along to one of our Baby Rhymetime sessions for babies up to 18 months, please ask staff at any library for further details.


Learning language needs lots of interaction.

You've heard the saying "Kids just want to have fun" haven't you? Well at Falkirk Libraries' Toddlerhyme sessions your toddler does have fun.

By the time they are about 18 months old, they no longer want to sit on your knee to hear stories. When they find their feet, they want to move!

At Toddlerhyme we have more active rhymes that the toddlers move and dance to, then they are happy to sit for a wee story.

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Thursday, 26th January 2017
Grangemouth Library, Grangemouth

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