Fees, charges & policies

Fees & charges effective from 1 April 2018.

Overdue charges

Media Type Duration Cost
Adult books, audio, CD-Roms and Special Interest DVDs (maximum £5.00) Per day £0.10
Children's Books (maximum £3.00) Per day £0.05
DVDs (maximum £27.00) Per day £0.45

Miscellaneous Charges

Description Cost
Reservations for items not in stock (per item) £1
Inter-library Loans £3.40
Event Tickets - Adult £5.50
Event Tickets - Junior £3.30
Event Tickets - Go Card £2.75
Replacement tickets (per ticket) £1.00
Book Groups for adults (including staff support) £2
Internal Children's Events (crafts/clubs/parties) (including staff support) £2
School Visits, Storytime, Chatterbooks, Bookbug Events Free


Media Type Duration Cost
All DVDs 1 week £2.75
Music audio - Free

Copies (from whatever source, VAT not applicable)

Usage Cost
Per A4 page (black and white) £0.25
Per A3 page (black and white) £0.35
Per A4 page (colour) £0.45
Per A3 page (colour) £0.75

Hall hires (per hour)

Usage Cost
Community use per hour £4.80
Community use per hour (Sunday) £7.20
Commercial use per hour £9.70
Commercial use per hour (Sunday) £14.50


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