Writing Rammy Winner, 12-15 age group

Forgotten Stories by Eva Vareille

Stories are everywhere: on your bookshelf, in a photograph, even in your head.

Some stories are told, some are written, read. And some are just forgotten. Blissfully floating in the air. Looking for somewhere else to go. Another head to fill.

There are different types of stories, a novel of course, a quickly made up adventure, and the ones that are forgotten.

My conception was the moment pen touched paper. When words and ideas were swirling through my Creators mind. Smiling as she composed paragraphs and paragraphs all about me. I was only just beginning. I had more to give. I thought she had further to write.

…the air. Looking for somewhere else to go…

"Evelyn, dinner!"

"Coming!" Answered my author.

It happened so quick. She didn't come back. Didn't finish me. I was left on her desk waiting, waiting, waiting. So I soared away seeking for writers, dreamers, as I wished to be on paper. For the world to see.

During this time, I went everywhere and waited months, maybe more, searching for someone to complete me. But no author seemed to fit, match. I waited more...

Until one bright, beautiful day I saw this little dark haired boy in a park. He was holding a pen and notepad.

"What are you doing, Seth?"

"I am writing a story." The boy replied. He got up and showed his brother his work. Stories are everywhere. On your bookshelf, even in your head… some are forgotten but remembered once more.

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