Hillwalking, high tops and mountain days

High level rambles

If you’re looking for something adventurous then try the high level rambles, which go up into the hills but not necessarily to the summits. A high level ramble is slightly higher than a normal countryside ramble - ie the Minch Muir, or Devil’s Staircase - and often follow medieval packman’s roads.

Hill and mountain days

For the determined hillwalker and mountaineers, there are hill and mountain days, which take us to Graham’s (2,000 - 2,500ft) and Corbetts (2,501 - 2,999ft) or maybe even an easy Munro.

High tops

Taking it to the next stage, high tops cater for the Munro Bagger. These are generally single day outings to Southern or Central Highlands but, occasionally, overnight stays are arranged to take in more outlying and remote areas.

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