photo of newt sculpture

One day I found some jelly with dots in it
In a drain by the side of the road.

I scaped it up and took it home,
Kept it in a glass of water

But the dots started wriggling,
Became little tiny commas,

Strange creatures with tails-
I thought I'd discovered Martians!

I fed the commas with cat food
And they gobbled it up like lightning;

I let them out into the sink at night
After Mum and Dad were sleep.

Then all of a sudden they grew legs,
Started bouncing all over the place.

I had no choice now but to confess
I had frogs in the bathroom sink!

Mum sighed. (She’d been wondering
Where so much of the cat food had gone)

'At least they aren’t meowing’
She said, as we drove to the duck pond.

We carried out armfuls of frogs
And I waved goodbye on the grass.

Sometimes I go back even now
With a tin of cat food at night

And I can hear them jumping for joy
As they smell their very first food!

Kenneth Steven

Last updated: 18 January 2016 at 14:54