In the beginning

photo of callendar park

I've watched a spider at first light
Building his web of gold;
I’ve seen an otter swim and play-
But why did God make toads?

I like to hear the tawny owl
Or watch a swallow’s shows;
I look for cuckoos, jays and wrens
But must we have the crows?

Still, I suppose if all of us
Got rid of our pet hates,
There’d soon be not a creature left,
(Nor us and all our mates).

For some it’s mice, while some loathe snakes,
And some hate wriggling worms;
And some hate rats and others frogs,
And some each thing that squirms.

So maybe we should see that God
Made each thing great and small,
And loves each one just as it is-
As much as he loves us all

Kenneth Steven

Last updated: 18 January 2016 at 14:54