Active Schools Awards Ceremony 2018

Falkirk Community Trust are proud to announce that the 8th annual Active Schools Awards Ceremony will take place on Tuesday 22 May at Falkirk Town Hall. This will be a celebration of the outstanding sporting achievements of local young people alongside rewarding our outstanding network of hard working schools, volunteers and coaches.

If you are interested in being one of the sponsors at this flagship event then please contact to find out more.

Active Schools Awards Winners 2017

Adult Volunteer of the Year

  • 1st: Kirsty Park (St Mungo's HS)
  • 2nd: Daniel Shak
  • 3rd: Kirstie Young & Emna Ben-Hamou (Grangemouth HS)

Pupil Volunteer of the Year

  • 1st: Rachael Dickson (Grangemouth HS)
  • 2nd: Ruth Easton (Falkirk HS)
  • 3rd: Cameron McIntyre (Larbert HS)

Sports Leader of the Year

  • 1st: Matthew Thompson (Grangemouth HS)
  • 2nd: Lewis Conway (Graeme HS)
  • 3rd: Lana Kemp (Falkirk HS)

Dance Leader of the Year

  • 1st: Sarah Copland (Denny HS)
  • 2nd: Carla Hogarth (Bo'ness Academy)
  • 3rd: Emily Mulholland (Bo'ness Academy)

Junior Sports Person of the Year

  • 1st: Erin Shaw (Larbert HS)
  • 2nd: Jack Davidson (Grangemouth HS)
  • 3rd: Aidan Jordaan (Braes HS)

Senior Sports Person of the Year

  • 1st: Peter Linksted (St Mungo's HS)
  • 2nd: Jordyn Smith (Larbert HS)
  • 3rd: Anya Reed (Falkirk HS)

Disability Athlete of the Year

  • 1st: Barry Ferguson (Carrongrange HS)
  • 2nd: Andrew McMillan (Carrongrange HS)
  • 3rd: Chloe Sliman-Millitt (Grangemouth HS)

Young Ambassador Award for Excellence

  • 1st: Cameron Fleming (Denny HS)
  • 2nd: Eve Mallon (St Mungo's HS)
  • 3rd: Rhys Struthers (Bo'ness Academy)

School Sports Team of the Year

  • 1st: Carrongrange HS U19's Football Team

Game Changer Award

  • 1st: Denny Sports Academy

School of the Year

  • 1st: Denny High School
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