Future Stars


The Future Stars program uses the many elite level athletes currently at school in the 8 high schools in the Falkirk Council area for the purpose of inspiring our primary school pupils towards a healthier and active future.


The objective of ‘Future Stars’ is to have local high school Sporting Champions act as ‘inspirations’ and ‘role models’ to primary pupils in their area. Through this program we would hope to achieve the following objectives:

  • Inspire children to get involved in sport or physical activity
  • Promote a culture of ‘I CAN’ and not ‘I CAN’T’, by showing young children what CAN and HAS been achieved by children from their own communities (this would encourage achievement in all areas not just sport)
  • Develop a link between primary and secondary school and create positive role models and familiar faces for children before going to high school
  • Provide a dynamic, practical and inspiring opportunity to primary schools in relation to health weeks, school assemblies, school clubs, prize giving’s etc where health and achievement are primary focuses
  • Create and sustain a sense of ‘community pride’ through highlighting and celebrating success from within the community

We have over 40 Future Stars currently signed up to the program and we are always keen to recruit new stars!

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