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Soccer Schools

These courses allow every child to play, improve and most importantly, enjoy their football. With the emphasis on fun, additional aims of these sessions are to develop skills and understanding of sharing, teamwork, rules and behaviour.

As the children progress through Soccer Tots to this, the coaching will gradually challenge and stimulate the players to not only perform, but also think about why and what they do during a game. Children will be asked to not just carry out instructions but also problem solve to gain a greater understanding of football.

Every Soccer School session follows a football skill, technique or tactic, providing a logical progression. Our coaches identify the needs of every child to ensure ability and potential as well as ensuring enjoyment is maximised.

A listing of available activities and classes
Activity From arrow icon Until
Bo'ness Recreation Centre, Bo'ness
Ages 3-5
16:00arrow icon16:45
Bo'ness Recreation Centre, Bo'ness
Ages 5-12
16:45arrow icon17:45
Denny Sports Centre, Denny
Ages 5 - 12
16:00arrow icon17:00
Polmont Sports Centre, Polmont
Ages 5 - 7
11:00arrow icon12:00

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