Sports Development Activity Prices

Charges effective from 1 April 2016.

Active Schools Holiday Programme

Activity Price
Sports Development/Active Schools Skills Development and Coaching Classes (per hour)£3.00

Sports Development - Instruction per lesson

Activity Price
Swim 30mins Juvenile (monthly direct debit)£15.50
Juvenile sibling(s) (monthly direct debit)£13.50
Swim 30mins (includes cost of badges and certificates) £4.50
Swim 1-1£17.00
Football 45mins£3.00
Football 60mins£4.10
Golf 120mins£8.00
Badminton 60mins£4.10
Badminton 120mins (Development Squad)£4.60
Gymnastics 60mins£4.10
Gymnastics 75mins£5.10
Tennis 60mins£4.10
Basketball 60mins£4.10
Mini Gyms (per session)£4.10
Pre-School Athletics 45mins£4.10
Pre-School Dance 45mins£4.10
Pre-School Tennis 45mins£4.10
Pre-School Golf 45mins£4.10
Pre-School Kiddie KAOS 45mins£4.10
Pre-School Rugby Cubz 45mins£4.10
Mini Moves 45mins£4.10
Run, Jump and Throw 60mins£3.20

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