A History of Falkirk in ten and a half objects

26 January - 4 May 2019

Museums are about objects and what these objects tell us about past ways of life. Each object has a very personal story about the people who created it and those who used it. Each belongs in its own little time capsule and it is necessary to know something of the social, cultural and technological background at the time of its creation to understand the artefact. One generation's radicalism is often the next generation’s mundanity! Just two decades ago mobile phones were rare…

Our Heritage Engagement Officer, Geoff Bailey has worked for over 30 years in Falkirk Museum Services and has a wealth of knowledge of local history. We invited him to tell the three and a half thousand year history of Falkirk and its area in 10½ objects. It is a personal choice and someone else undertaking the task would undoubtedly make a different selection. What would you choose? The Museum collection can be viewed online so you might want to have a go. Or you might want to make a selection for your village or community within the Falkirk Council area. If you were thinking of Camelon, for example, you would have to have a hand-made nail. Bo’ness would require a saltpan, and so forth.

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