Being Female

Sat 28 January – Sun 7 May 2017 10am – 5pm Daily (Except Tuesdays)
Callendar House, 2nd floor galleries, Callendar Park, Falkirk FK1 1YR

The experience of being female has varied over time and cultures. For some it is a matter of biology for others a cultural construct. But not everyone who lives as a female experiences this in the same way.

In this exhibition we look at how women's lives have changed from the Victorian times to the present day and at some of the influences on these changes.

The problem with history

It is hard to know what women's lives were really like in the past. Broad statistics can be misleading; for example censuses often missed out on women's work due to the way it was viewed or done. It is difficult to know how active women were in the economy. Some reports suggest women didn't play active roles, but other, more focused studies, find evidence of women running businesses and prospering. Similar questions arise about politics and social roles.

While women may not have voted they did have influence over their husbands and many upper class ladies had a lot of power when it came to swaying local voting patterns. Also, while it was not common practice, it was not illegal for women to vote until the mid-19th century and some women did vote.

Also when we look at the past it is hard to know what people really thought and how they felt. Most people didn't leave written records of their lives but in this exhibition we will try to glimpse what the past was like for women, how things have changed and still are changing.

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