Falkirk Champions Board celebrates its 1st Birthday

Falkirk Champions Board is celebrating its 1st birthday with an informal celebration on 4 October and an art exhibition. The Exhibition will run from 27 September until the end of Care Experienced week on 26 October 2018 at the Falkirk Town Hall, Studio Gallery. The group would like to thank Norrie McCulloch, Artist and Gillian Smith from Falkirk Community Trust for supporting them with this project.

The Champions Board is a group of care experienced young people who are supported to come together to engage directly with those who make key decisions about the care system. The vision for Champions Boards is one of a cultural shift, whereby Corporate Parents build genuine and trusting relationships with the young people that are in their care. The group meets every Wednesday at 6pm at Park St Community centre, Falkirk.

Janet Weir, Champions Board Co-ordinator said
The aim of the art project, is to show the public that children and young people who are care experienced, are just the same as their peers. The stigma that still exists around the subject of care is hurtful and discriminatory towards these young people. We hope that the exhibition contributes to challenging the stigma and promotes understanding of the young people's experiences.

Emily Baird, Champions Board Youth Worker said
Artist, Norrie McCulloch and I facilitated the art project. He was great at getting the young people enthused about expressing a message they wanted to tell the public about what it is like to be a young person who has experienced the care system. The process the young people went through, from having a concept in their heads to producing a work of art was hugely therapeutic. They all spoke openly about their experiences and supported each other.

Caitlyn, a young person who took part said
The Falkirk champs art project was really helpful. It got me to share my care experience in a fun and creative way.

To find out more about the Champions Board, contact janet.weir@falkirk.gov.uk or visit https://www.lifechangestrust.org.uk/care-experienced-young-people/champions-boards.


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