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Athletic coaching sessions for Primary and Secondary schools

Grangemouth Stadium and National Indoor Athletics Academy are offering extensive sport coaching sessions in Athletic based activities.

Not many people know that athletics is the fundamental sport which impacts on every other sport played today.

Developing and nurturing these skills at a young age can lead to enjoyable participation and lifelong involvement in sport and physical activities. We believe that kids should be introduced into a physical and nutritional education structure early on, to ensure they carry on these good habits throughout their lives.

What we do for your group

  • Arrange a time that best suits you and your school.
  • Set up our extensive range of equipment which ranges from agility, balance and co-ordination, track and field and performance equipment.
  • Have our qualified coaching staff design a physical development session for your group.

All schools can access the community education mini bus as long as they have a driver with a M.I.D.A.S. certificate. To find out more about the bus or to make a booking please contact Community Education on 01324 504585.

What these sessions offer

There are a host of skills in which athletic based activities can work on and develop for their future. These skills are needed not only to perform at the highest level but to carry out life's everyday challenges.

Our program of coaching is designed to enable children to learn and develop fundamental skills through play and games. It is also designed to encourage maximum participation and enjoyment, and to assist children to progress at their own rate.

The FUNdamentals Movement skill categories:

  • Locomotor skills involve the body moving in any direction from one point to another. These skills include walking, running, dodging, jumping, hopping and skipping.
  • Stability skills involve the body balancing either in one place (static) or while in motion (dynamic). These skills include landing, balance (static and dynamic) and rotation.
  • Manipulative skills involve handling and controlling objects with the hand, the foot or an implement (stick, bat or racquet). These skills include throwing and catching, striking with the hands, feet and an implement (e.g. kicking, volleying, batting and dribbling).

All three FUNdamental movement skill categories will be developed though an exciting series of sessions taken by fully qualified coaches.

Quotes from past participants

"The sessions are fun, you learn to run faster and other things. The teachers are really fun too."

"It's great fun and you learn lots of different things that happen in the Olympics like Long Jump, High Jump and hop, step and jump. It's really good fun."

"People who aren't into sports learn how to have fun and get more interested in it."

Together we can make our young people more active and healthier for a better future.

Contact us

Grangemouth Stadium
Kersiebank Avenue

01324 504590

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